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PC, Switch, XboxSX, PS5 - Which do you own?

How many of these do you own?

  • Switch

    Votes: 210 42.2%
  • PC

    Votes: 231 46.4%
  • Xbox SX/SS

    Votes: 127 25.5%
  • PS5

    Votes: 235 47.2%
  • All of them

    Votes: 129 25.9%

  • Total voters


I am Become Bilbo Baggins
All of them.

PS and Xbox get most of my time and it's a pretty even split. PS for the exclusives and Xbox for the amazing GP catalogue (recently started a new game of Dragon Age:Origins)

Switch is only used for the occasional family game, such as MK.


I own them all. Mainly game on PC.

I had no plans to buy an Xbox since all of that stuff comes to PC, but I couldn't resist when I saw the pawn shop I always check attempting to fire sell all of their series X's.



PC/Switch/PS5. I play almost exclusively on PS5. Barely use my PC for gaming and haven't touched my Switch in over a year.


all of them (other than some retro machine), but as an adult now that i have disposable income i don't have time... so this will be my last multy generation, ffrom next gen no portable for sure and probably no pc, just a console to play something with the kids


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I am boor brehs what can I say?
TBH not that bad with a 1080p TV because this gen has been really slow getting going. You are missing some res and FPS and only a few games not much else. Not like in the old days where if you didn't upgrade your system it was worlds apart like MGS2 vs MGS1 lol.

PS5/PC/Switch, PS5 is probably the primary thing. I just see no point to owning a XSX if you have a decent PC.
I play so much Halo Infinite multiplayer, I like the Xbox just to take all the stress off my PC hardware, but yeah that isn't really NECESSARY lol. It's also nice to have multiple clients for in-person LAN stuff for when there's the opportunity once in a while.


Poll shows 2 to 1, PS5 to Xbox. That's representative of the overall market.

Just PS5 for me. I own a PC of course, but I don't use it for gaming.
PS5 disk version, my primary system.
PC with gtx 780 and 4690k - it's ancient, I don't play on pc that much.
Xbox Series X - hasn't been connected in six months or so, it's effectively a dust collector.


Switch and PC. Also PS4, and Xbox 360 but those haven't gotten any playtime in years.

So far there hasn't been a single game released or announced on either PS5 or Series that I wanna play. Switch & PC cover pretty much everything. From the top of my head, the only 2 games I can't play on there are Odin Sphere and Sakura Wars, which are both stuck on PS4.


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I play on 3060 laptop, PS5, Steam Deck, Quest 2, 2DSXL, and Anbernic RG280V.

My kids have a mix of gaming PCs, Xbox consoles, Switch Lites, Steam Deck, and 3DS.

I don’t share my shit. Although I let them occasionally try stuff out, it’s not community property.


All of them.

Only one I regret is the Series X to be honest. I switched to Xbox One X as primary platform last gen for the performance and because my buddies were there for Live but during the generation change a lot of them didn't upgrade and we haven't played any multiplayer recently.

The exclusives I want to play are now also on PC so it's basically collecting dust.


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PS5 and PC (7900xt). Split my time evenly between them.

So long as PS gets 60fps+ options, games are always considered for it. I love my trophies and Dualsense.


I play most of my games on PC/Switch. XSS is to share gamepass with my kids. PS5 collects dust unless I want to play a PS4 game or when a cool challenge is running in GT7.
All of them but I haven’t used my Series X in ages. I’m considering selling it on too as I can’t envision playing anything on it where I have the PC.
I got two PS5's and I briefly had the XSX to play FH5 only, but I found the pop-in kinda ruined it on the performance mode, so I sold it to try to build a PC... to play FH5 and 4 fully maxed out. Still building it though

Mr Hyde

PC, PS5 and Switch. I use PS5 and Switch the most but with the ROG Ally coming in I hope to get into PC gaming even more.


I was xbox, playstation, and nintendo since 2005, but i recently graduated to pc, playstation, and Nintendo
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Although I have them all, my gaming PC is from 2008 and doesn’t do the new stuff very well. I play the PS5 the least and I’m about tied between Xbox Series X and Switch.
I got caught up in the hype of the PS5 and literally only play exclusives…mostly MLB The Show.


Switch, XSX, PS5. I’d like to get a PC at some point but it is expensive. I wouldn’t be content with mid range specs. Which sounds ironic being a console gamer, but those purchases were spaced out.
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Switch Oled and PS5 DE.
Sold my PS5. Will re-buy when a nicer looking slim is released. Hopefully by no later than 18 months or so.

Loving the Switch right now, it’s really matured in to an absolute juggernaut of a system. Got Splatoon 3, MK8D, Rocket League and Smash on rotation and playing through some great single player games like Metroid Prime and TotK. Got stuff like Hollow Knight in my backlog and Descenders/THPS1&2 and FIFA on my wish list. Also just upgraded to the online expansion pack, mainly for the N64 games - will replay Mario 64, Banjo and Goldeneye on this beautiful panel.


Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was.
I have PC and Switch. And I'm pretty happy with them. I have no desire to have any other hardware at the moment.


I started out on the Sinclair and ZX Spectrum that some of my friends owned, then I got a PC and a Commodore Amiga for myself, and then I plyed PC exclusively after that. Was a PC-only player until the PS3 came out, at wich time I owned and played both. I actually bought a PS2 after the PS3 to play some console classics I missed due to being a PC player most of my life until then. By the time the PS4 came out I was only using Mac computers for work and playing exclusively on PS4. So only PS5 these days.
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