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PC, Switch, XboxSX, PS5 - Which do you own?

How many of these do you own?

  • Switch

    Votes: 210 42.2%
  • PC

    Votes: 231 46.4%
  • Xbox SX/SS

    Votes: 127 25.5%
  • PS5

    Votes: 235 47.2%
  • All of them

    Votes: 129 25.9%

  • Total voters


There was a thread recently about which of FF16, Totk, and Starfield people were mostly excited for.

It got me thinking, this place is filled with a lot of people who only use one specific console, and outisde of genre preferences, they would realistically be most excited for whichever comes to their device of choice.

The people who own multiple or all of them would really be the ones able to look at all 3 games and decide.
So which do you own?
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Just a PS5 at the moment. I sold my Nintendo Bitch last year when I realized I hadn't played on it for about 2 years.

I haven't seriously contemplated getting an Xbox Seriously Sux yet, but that could change once some exclusives arrive.

And I can't really be bothered with a Pee-C, too much hassle and cost for a pretty small increase in actual real world performance.


  • PC (R7 3700X, Geforce RTX3080 10GB, 32GB RAM)
  • Steam Deck was Q1 2002 then Q1 2023 after RMA
  • Playstation 5
  • Xbox Series X
  • Nintendo Switch Neon 1st Gen
  • Nintendo Switch Zelda TOTK OLED
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i own all of them. Though I use PC only through GFN because my PC lacks.

I play pretty regularly with all of them though PS5 has probably had the least playtime. There seems to be cycle: I play 3-6 months or so with one of them and then move to another for few months, depending on the games available.

I'll probably get all those three games, unless Starfield ends up sucking. The other two are day one.


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I own an old GTX1060 laptop - which I now never use for gaming, Steamdeck, OG 2017 Switch, XBox Series X and a PS5 + PSVR2. I also bought an XBox Series S as a Gamepass box for my sons. My children are the primary users of both XBoxes for Minecraft and the occaisional Sonic the Hedgehog session (Frontiers/Colours/Generations/Forces/Mania). I occaisionally use the Series X for Forza Horizon 5 and Flightsim, but nothing has come out for the XBox I'm interested in (except maybe HIFI Rush) in the last 18 months, I'm not loving how the Switch looks on my OLED, so don't really use that either, so most of my gaming now is on PS5, PSVR2, and Steamdeck.


I own everything.

Historically I use PS & PC the most although I have been using my Switch the most the last couple of years.

Because of the Switch, I plan to get a G Cloud, or maybe another handheld companion for Game Pass & Cloud Streaming and just remove the XSX from my main lounge setup.




First generation that I’ve owned all consoles PS5, Series X and OG fat bezel Switch but I got a Switch lite that I prefer using


PC/Switch/PS5. It's very rare that I use my PC, at the moment I literally only use it occasionally to play Grounded with a friend.

Switch and PS5 usage highly depends on what games I'm playing. Spent the last few months on Xenoblade Chronicles 2, so that was mainly Switch. Now I'm switching over to Octopath Traveller 2 on PS5, although I'll interrupt that at some point to play the XB2 DLC. In general I prefer getting games on PS5 for better performance and Trophy integration, so the Switch is only for exclusives. Of the games in the poll you mentioned I'm quite excited for all of them, but would pick FFXVI as the favorite. I love the look of the setting, story, and gameplay.


own all 3 and all 3 are really good at what they do. Ps5 great for certiain games xbox the same. the switch you have to have because of that nintendoness

have a decent PC but hardly use it for games

Xbox and Ps5 the main stay really

Elder Legend

Pro Anti-Consumerism
All 4.

Xbox Series X

And why do I own all 4? Cause I am a real gamer and not a plastic box warrior 😉

Also, when you work in the industry it probably would make sense to have access to all machines so you can cover everything. But even before worked in the industry, I always had all the consoles every gen. I like having options to everything.
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Got a Series X on release, then a PS5 about a year later. Originally had a Switch Lite but sold it to get one I could dock. So the holy trinity of consoles. I've thought about getting into PC gaming but nothing has ever really tempted me to dip, pretty much everything comes to consoles now these days so seems pretty pointless.


PC, Xbox series X and PS4 Pro...PC is nearly a decade old so only good for games from waaay back...still to this day not tempted to get a PS5 anytime soon..and the Switch well until they release the F-Zero re-master then I might consider one...
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Of the ones you listed, only the original Switch.

I play my PS4 a lot but right now there's not enough reasons for me to upgrade or get a Xbox Series.


I got a PC, but only really if I wanted to play some old point and click games, I don't game on pc. Have Switch/XBox Series X, can't really afford a PS5, but I do have a PS4 and PS3 I haven't turned on either in ages lol.


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All of them!
My most played by far is the Switch and I just got a Retroid Pocket 3+ hoping to play more PS5/PC games via RemotePlay/Moonlight
I spend way too much money on retro emulation handhelds. I didn't realize Retroid Pocket 3+ would be good for remote play with its odd screen size, but it is 16:9 so maybe it scales well. I might have to give it a try when I get one.


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Got a PC, PS5, XSX and couple of Switches for the kids. I mainly play PC and PS5 games plus a few here and there on the Xbox/Switch.

Kids mainly play on the Switch and XSX. Latter is basically for various kids games that inevitably show up in GamePass including Minecraft stuff.

Oh, also got a Steam Deck. That basically took over Switch's handheld niche for me.
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