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Planet of Lana Review Thread (Xbox, PC, Game Pass)


And complete.

Extremely well done little 4 maybe 5 hour experience. The story is succinct and the music and visual remain great throughout. The puzzle are okay, the weakest part of the game.


Just finished it.

Great experience. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

I love these cinematic platformer/puzzle adventure games.
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Finished it in about 5 hours. Last two achievements left but I don’t think I will do no-dying run anytime soon.

Really enjoyed my time with it. It’s nowhere near as creepy and grim as Inside and its storytelling mostly avoids dreamlogic approach usually associated with these games - it’s way more straightforward so that was kind of refreshing. Goes for the heartstrings and excellent music has a lot to do with this. Artistically reminded me of a lesser known game Planet Alpha that shares more than a few similarities with Lana. I think puzzles were pretty fun too, especially ones where you need to coordinate stuff with your monkeycat pal. I don’t want to oversell this one as it doesn’t really do anything new with the genre but it does what it does with a lot of care and love put into it.
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And here was me thinking we were getting an old school Leisure Suit Larry style game with that obvious anagram in its title...


This was a pleasant surprise! Love Game Pass for stuff like this. Almost scratched the itch for a Inside/Limbo platform puzzler in this hellish wait for Cocoon. Completed the game in two sessions. One and done. Blasting through Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath now and Prodeus next.
Finished it a week or so ago. Sound design works really well in this game and standouts for me for some reason.
Overall, I thought it was a little too easy in that most of the puzzles took no more than 3 tries to figure out. For some reason, I didn't find all the secret shrines, but probably wasn't looking hard enough for them.

I did enjoy it, but wish there actually was more to the story and that the puzzles were harder and more varied. It's something I'd definitely recommend you try for sure as it is a small time investment.
The opening did suck me in that reminded me a lot of the OG Ori game in the emotional tone I guess.

Love that it is on GamePass as I probably wouldn't have played it otherwise.
Beat it finally. Art is phenomenal. Some of the puzzles can be quite frustrating but most are decent. I did have to look up a couple. I'd give it a 7.25 out of 10. I was glad when it was over, but the game has enough interesting elements to make it worth 1 playthrough. About 6 hrs for me.
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