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Project Q could revive Sony's relevance in handheld gaming reaching millions.

Announced at the showcase scandal people are mad about (didn't see it) Project Q was announced at the PlayStation showcase as the companies third entry into handheld gaming. This time however they are learning their lesson and throwing out everything proprietary, and instead choosing to go with a remote play streaming device. What people don't understand is that this is the most important project Sony has announced in decades, because it's adds upwards verticality to Sony's outreach.

The Project Q tablet is made to remote play your PS5 games on the go, including the UI interface as has been shown so far. It will reportedly have the battery life to rival current favorites in the field, and comes with a halved Dual Sense controller to produce an authentic gaming experience. This device at the unconfirmed rumored price of $199 is already going to be a big deal, but this goes beyond gaming:

  • Right now there aren't any interactive tablets on the market. this means that people who may not have been interested in a PS5 or gaming in general, will see this as a step forward in how we interact with tablets everyday, leading people to consider them serious gaming devices for the first time.
  • The battery life is reportedly long enough for any player from the hardcore fan to the mom leaving work at the club needing some downtime, that will pressure the player into longer games instead of the shorter lowscale games generally associated with tablet play.
  • Having PS5 level games on a portable without compromise removes that feeling of having to compromise on your potential. We aren't seeing something stripped down to run on outdated 7 year hardware anymore, we are seeing the future. We can now take the latest in technology on the go with us, no matter if we are in the bathroom, outside in the garden, or at a vacation house in Jamaica, you will now always carry the authentic experience with you.
  • Real controllers included for the first time on a standard tablet framework instead of a shoddy accessory from a third party. You are now playing the same way as you played at home on your TV.
  • Accessibility. If you are handicapped, lost your house, involved in a flood, are always working at the office, always traveling city to city, or need something for the kids to do because the TV repair man hasn't come, you now have full access to your PlayStation 5 anywhere at any time, no matter what the situation.

This creates a form of interactive intersectionality that crosses over into audiences that go way beyond what a PSVita or Switch could contemplate because it's for more than just your average gamer or hardcore Playstation fan. Its for your child, your mom, your dad, your grand father, joey the construction worker, Timmy no legs in the wheel chair, this is reaching a much bigger audience without sacrificing the authentic experience.

Then there's the Turbine in the Woods that people haven't noticed. They announced Project Q just in time a week before June and what is June? LGBTQZ month! Project Q(ueer) will also be taking advantage of the festivities next month reaching millions of people worldwide who are aiming for a world of inclusivity, which Sony is now providing to all gamers for the first time.

The real Playstation showcase was the diversity that Jim Ryan showed us along the way. It's always good to see a gaming executive so Forspoken about his beliefs.


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I know this is a joke post, but it's so odd to me how the Logitech G Cloud was a "joke of a device and the worst idea for a handheld ever" 6 months ago, and now clowns on here are claiming Sony's much more limited version of the same thing is going to be a big deal.

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I'm open to any arguments made for this device, but so far I just can not see who this is for. It's too big and limited functionally to be used on the go. It doesn't do enough different to be its own handheld experience even around the house. Most people would rather just use the dualsense they own and if they're going to stream, they'll do it to another device with a screen they already own (phone, tablet, computer, whatever). They already have game streaming so the device isn't even doing anything that couldn't be done before with an existing Sony product.
Hell naw. That Project Q looks like a Q-anon sawed off a controller and got a tablet from their drawer and fused it together with only the ghettoest of fixing.


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It’s meant to remote play your games on your local home WiFi. Not on the go
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It's not a portable machine, it's just a pad, with a screen.
Without a PS5, it's useless like a Dualsense without any console.


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Not sure why everyone is so negative. I think a lot of people play handhelds at home. At least it will be high quality games with high quality real controller.
It's ps5 accessory more than a handheld though.
If I get it, it's nice to use on some days when I want to lay in bed or I am sick or something....


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This is gonna flop hard. Sony half assed it instead of making a native PSP successor.

I was interested until I heard cloud only. Now, i’m out.

Love to see a poll to see the public’s interest in this thing.


Streaming to any platform with the ability to use the controller of choice would be better.

Can the table do anything else beyond just looking for your local ps5 connection?
There's no market for this and remote play sucks.

I wouldn't buy this for more than 50 dollars. And while I'm not the target for this, it's baffling why they'd put this out instead of an actual handheld.

I'd much rather spend an extra 100 dollars and just buy a Switch or Switch successor... How you can justify being anywhere in the same price point as the switch without playing games offline is madness.

They better announce that it has full capability to play Vita and PSP games offline... Might need PS1-PS3 as well in order to justify buying this.


Parody these days scares me, life has a bizarre way of imitating it. We'll see phrases like "interactive intersectionality" in a press release in a few months, and at least some of us will know it's the OP's fault.

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I remember when someone at IGN said that the Vita was going to be the shit and Nintendo was going to loose. That got old so fast...
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