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Quiet, normal family life or whorez/drugs

you must choose between these 2

  • 50 years or more, of quiet suburban life with family, kids, grandkids

    Votes: 85 85.9%
  • 10 years of cocaine, countless whores, pools, expensive cars/bikes, luxury and general excess in all

    Votes: 14 14.1%

  • Total voters

Elektro Demon

Shits and Giggles
Would you rather lead a normal life with family and kids for many many years or a 10 year marathon of excess, whores, cocaine and lot's of money?
The first choice is that you'll die prolly when you're 75-90. The second choice is that you'll die around the age of 35.

I think you know what my choice is :)
What's yours?


Can't I have a third option? 50 years of hot sex with twentysomething models like my man Hef.



family life. it is building a legacy. it is superior in every aspect: biologically, genetically, spiritually, financially.

the other way is fun but ultimately a temporal way of life. the things treasured by materialistic society are unfulfilling and unsatisfying. the thing about seeking solace in consumerism is, you always want more. that is because nothing is satisfying. at least not in the long run.

they are also self destructive. doing cocaine and drinking might be fun if you survive, but your skin will look like shit, and you will be bloated and hungover if you continue this lifestyle any time after the age of 30.

financially, it's a dumb move as well. you drink, feel like an idiot, then pee it out. literally flushing your money down the toilet.
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So the choices are a life of doing my utmost to raise my kids in the best possible way, ensuring my family name and legacy continue to bepassed down


Selfishly throw away my dignity on whores and drugs while while being in wealthy in possessions but poor in spirit.

Easy pick for me.

Super Mario

I mean this when I say it. If you can find you a girl that lets you have both, I have yet to see any man not love his life.

When you get older, you may regret if you didn't have a family, and carry on your legacy. You will regret missing out on the whores too, unless you are a beta soy.
Kids, marriage, family and a life I can feel accomplishments in.

I get the greatest enjoyment out of life by doing things for others and building stuff.

Rentable love and mind altering substances would be fun for a few days, but then would feel just like a chore to me after a week, let alone 10 years.


I lived my late teens through my twenties closer to option 2 expecting to be dead by around 30. Unfortunately that didn't happen, so it's a quiet life for me now. Luckily I was always smart with money and didn't burn thru it all in my lost years. Also, no kids helped quite a bit. Now I have the slow, comfortable life with drugs and video games on the weekend.


Looking back on my life, I think 5 years of drugs and whores followed by 35 years of suburban family life would be an acceptable route.
You might want to clarify how “kids” factor into that equation.
I have had two women want kids from me, and then left me after and before them got born.

So now I still do my single thing. Meet friends, get drunk, watch movies, organize parties (when there is no Corona), DJing, coding assembler, skateboarding, but I also see my sons regularly.
One of them lives far away, so it has been difficult to see him this year.
But the small one I catch up like two times a week and we have a fun time together.

They are both so gorgeous and amazing, I don't regret a thing.

Pro tip: the secret to have beautiful kids is to fuck pretty women.

Who would have thought.

(Yay, I am still drunk. Forgive my ramblings :D )
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Youd be shocked, but that is what appeals to me. I'm a deviant at heart but nothing brings me joy like being around a significant other (when I'm dating) or around my nieces and nephews. I'm a big softie deep down
You remind me a lot about me when I was younger.
So take my advice like it's your older self talking to you.

And when you sit in your quiet house at that lake with a nice view, with nothing but your wife and your kid, and you didn't get sex for a couple of months, work is hard, your kid is screaming at you, you haven't had a drink with friends for weeks, and if you had one your wife laments, then think about me and what I told you, your older self... ; )
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