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Random thoughts.

Kagey K

This thread is for random thoughts that don’t deserve their own thread, but need to be asked.

For instance they say everything is like riding a bike, once you learn you can’t forget.

Is it possible that anybody ever forgot how to ride a bike?

Once you learn to read, is it possible to forget how? Can you suddenly go from literate to illiterate?

If your body is dirty and soap is clean do you get dirty from touching the soap or do you dirty the soap?

Kagey K

If a black box is meant to survive a plane crash, why not make to whole plane a black box?

I define "dirty" as whichever one smells like ass.
That could be one or both at the same time depending on how they are used.
Black box thought is good though.

West Texas CEO

GAF's Nicest Lunch Thief
Black box thought is good though.


Cutty Flam

What exactly is sentimentality, and why is it bad?

Definition is: excessive tenderness, sadness, and nostalgia

Everything has its time and its place. Excessive tenderness is not usually required, nor appreciated unless maybe it’s being expressed towards a pet. Excessive sadness is a sign of depression. Excessive nostalgia can keep you from embracing the moment
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I do watch a lot of videos on quantum physics, super string theories, and other complicated shit. I try to learn the basics to reliably understand quantum physics and quantum theory on a respectable level in Layman's terms.

I never considered myself great at writing. I always believed my self to be passable most of the time. And then something happened. In community college, I hit collegiate level math and got a 150% or somewhere around there for the semester. I'm a bit hazy and having memory recall issues thanks to a week of mild insomnia. My average # of nights spent on each of the 6 major papers was around 4 nights and 8 hours total. I didn't bother with much proof reading and restructuring. I just fuckin rain manned it.

My professor in the class, who had a doctorates in English writing, said that my overall work and finish products were just about equivalent to, on average, solid B grades, and my best work was around a 95% on my best one Doctorates program English paper. I thought he was just saying that I was that skilled of a writer just to boost my confidence and keep going, but giving such honest and detailed opinions on each of my major papers for the semester and exaggerate how good the quality of my writing was and my skill level far exceeded the first collegiate level English course I had ever taken. It didn't come from consistent improvements in my English writing skills in high school. Those were 4 years of D, D, C-, D- only because the teacher pitied my dumb ass and and rounded up to the nearest whole number.

My sister and her fiance both have bachelors in English from a 4 year university. And they took forever to get them. I took two refresher English courses as it had been 8 years between college and high school, and suddenly, me, a 1.9 gpa high school GED fat fuck, was writing at a level a good deal beyond what two bachelors students did. They passed with C's and B' near the end. I just typed and typed and typed. my fingers became Forrest Gump, and the screen Became Jenny...of course my gpu started to display lovely and massive artifacts and died of computer aids (vrm failure). They did the "yeah but blah blah downplay a massively amazing amount of praise and surprise that I was a much better writer than them and fucking tore through college paper exams and essays without really having to try and say, give more than 60% effort at worst.

What they didn't know is that I took their midterm papers, and mine, and brought them to my professor. He said my work was in another league, and they would not pass with their best midterms. So I just accepted that fact and let them live with the delusion that I was simply a far superior writer than them and did so without any kind of struggle. After he compared my midterm to to theirs, I accepted the fact that I was simply better at it than them by a significantly large margin, but never gloated about it. But I was an idiot for not pursuing a career in writing since it came so naturally to me. Truth is, I love and hate writing. I love that I am capable of really good work, but I hate the thought of it becoming my livelyhood. Of course on the advice of my family, I got tested for ADD, ADHD and autism. I was negative across the board, and my learning comprehension was pretty much normal.

Plus i just enjoy writing simple shit and not give a shit of how good it is.

Edit: Also migraines and shit when trying to do my best. probably a tumor or a Goa'uld.
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Working nights sucks because it messes with your sleep schedule. The first day after your time of is the worst because of this, but Era and GAF arent helping me. Lmao

Also, the Thomson 1921 is a neat gun that i wish was in more games
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I was channel hopping today and ended up watching a few episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful for the first time in my life.
I thought the acting was unbelievably bad. It made me wonder how this soap opera remains so popular.
I get irrationally annoyed every time I see someone go onto a local Facepuke page to ask a question that they could have already gotten the answer to if they'd just typed it into Google instead.
I get irrationally annoyed every time I see someone go onto a local Facepuke page to ask a question that they could have already gotten the answer to if they'd just typed it into Google instead.
I can't relate. For example, there's things I've asked here before, I could have just as easily googled. I like different people's experiences and perspectives on an answer.
Why is it when I play SF4, it lists an opponent's connection as four green bars, then when I get into the fight, it's like playing in reverse time travel slow frame-skip motion!? Are there two completely different methods of measuring connection speed in lobby and in-game? Why can't things just work ffs.
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