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Star Wars Rebels, New Animated Series coming Fall 2014

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Droids in Distress was pretty enjoyable. The characterization of
R2 and Threepio
was accurate and I liked seeing
Bail Organa

If this kind of stuff is handled in a similar way later in the series I'll be just find with that level of fan service.
Just caught the first episode. Surprisingly good!

I was afraid that due to it airing on Disney XD that it would be watered down, but I really didn't have any issues with that at all.
Enjoyed the first episode. The only thing I didn't like was Ezra's plastic-ish hair.

All the hair is plastic-ish unfortunately. I love the style of the animation other than that. The wookies suffered from the plastic-ish hair too. I can live with it though.


I enjoyed the first episode a LOT more than I thought I would. Looking forward to it, and starting the A New Dawn on my iPad now.

We need an OT.
I really enjoyed these first two. It's like younger skewed Firefly with Star Wars and a pinch of Aladdin.

Just the right amount of OT vibes and it's got that Clone Wars vibe which is great too. I was super super meh after trailers but now I'm totally in.
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