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Starfield is the fifth fastest-selling game across Europe this year.


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Can anyone explain what would make this comparison fair for them? What does Chris need to do to make this fair?

If the games official launch date is the date it launched, should he have just counted 3 days from then and done the same for hogwarts and diablo?
Take one uniform tracking period -- it could be 3 days, 7 days, 11 days, or whatever -- then measure every game in that period.

Ideally, single-platform games and multiplatform games should also be highlighted in separate charts/tables, but I understand that could be difficult. But the tracking period / number of days must be uniform for an accurate analysis.


6 million players at launch my guy.
While being available for free to 25m+ current gamepass subscribers. Fallout 4 shipped 12m copies day one. https://www.eurogamer.net/bethesda-shipped-12m-copies-of-fallout-4-for-launch

So no, I don't view 6m players as a good result in the context of what this game is. A Bethesda RPG is now a once in a generation event. A new RPG from the people behind Skyrim and Fallout and like their marketing said "25-years in the making". Yet they have half the players compared to how much Fallout 4 actually sold to retailers and there were 25m+ people out there that didn't even need to pay a cent for it.

For the vast majority of games 6m+ players would be an excellent result. Bethesda RPG's should be held to higher standards as the gigantic once-in-a-generation events they are meant to be.


Nope but xbox is in the conversation for having actual good exclusive games in the pipeline. Momentum gotta build from somewhere.
Xbox 360 had massive momentum right out the gate, with no competition and ultimately got outsold 3:1 by PS3.

Series S/X has zero momentum from the start.

Edit: in Europe.
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