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The Game Awards | Streaming Live Thursday, December 9


No fucking shit, the live viewer numbers are abysmal

360K live viewers on the official Game Awards channel, that's why.



Just going repeat one more time that some dude in a thread on here compared
It takes two to Mario party mini games.


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Omg… I did not see it coming. Even though I played through it. It was a welcoming game to any newcomer or gamer alike. I guess that’s why it took the award home.


As I thought, no Nintendo whatsoever aside from accepting the one award.

Mostly a waste of time. Outside of a few trailers, the rest of the show was long, annoying and preachy, and none of these people can do comedy to save a life.


I guess the orchestra is immune to the deadliest thing in Earth's history huh?

100 of them can be right beside eachother with no masks!

Maybe they're food near by!


Wow TGA this year was extra bad or is it just me?
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