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The man who saved Master Chief Collection (Pierre Hintze) is now the new Lead of 343i studios.

Taking her place is Pierre Hintze, who is largely credited with helping course correct The Master Chief Collection and streamline the game's once-disastrous multiplayer. Now Hintze has taken the role as head of 343 Industries and aims to turn Halo Infinite around, too.

"Head of Production Pierre Hintze will become Studio Head effective immediately. The 343 team is hard at work shipping the Winter Update, the biggest Halo Infinite update since launch," Microsoft told Windows Central.

One of the biggest tasks that Hintze faced was fixing MCC's netcode and multiplayer framework. In an employee spotlight interview from 2018, Hintze says that his team was focused on meticulous problem-solving and bug-squashing, and that he brought on a pro Halo player to help identify issues with MCC's netcode. For Infinite, however, Hintze will be able to reference the myriad of server lag videos uploaded by Halo fans.

"One of the things I did when I started was introduce a former professional Halo-player to our team so that even as we went about the business of fixing underlying matchmaking and network code, or simple known bugs, that I was also focused on making sure that even in 4K, these games will play the way they were originally intended to, or at least get as close as physically possible. Things even dedicated players might not have noticed," Hintze said in the interview.

"Halo is legendary, so having the ability to work on anything Halo related, for some people in this industry, is a dream come true...even if that work requires attacking problems first."

Hintze was also responsible for The Master Chief Collection's 4K upgrade. He led the team in up-resing in-game visuals including graphics during gameplay and small things like nameplates and icons; the art team had to manually adjust 600 or so assets to 4K resolution.

The new 343 Industries studio head has been in the games industry for 26 years and got his start as a language tester on the SEGA MegaDrive, then he helped EA work on FIFA for 7 years. He has been a creative producer for THQ and worked on Moto GP and Cars franchises, and then moved on to Atari to work on games-as-a-service and mobile projects. Hintze has also worked with Square Enix's F2P games and then even worked with PlayStation.

Read more: https://www.tweaktown.com/news/8843...collection-now-runs-343-industries/index.html

Looking at his gaming history with Sega and EA, and the fact he saved MCC, it may be possible.

There may actually be a chance to turn the series around.

I can't believe it. The guy with a history in gaming who fixed a Halo product already is not in charge of 343i. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY might I add. This may completely change course for the series to get out of it's 11 year slump finally.

All it took was for Phil Spencer to cause some...sabotage with the old leadership. Allegedly that is, I'm sure Phil had nothing to do with it and Bonnie is only leaving because of a family accident. instead of you know, taking leave and still being at the company.

Just a short time ago that last update made people think Halo was done, but now there's a chance that thing may correct. We will have to see if this brother can do the job that the old leadership failed at.

So it's not just him being made the lead, but other parts of the team are changing too.

There was no family emergency, unless Phil sent his boys over, for Bonnie and this confirms it. Phil Spencer will smile in your face, but if you cross him to many times you are tossed out the building. Ruthless and Dangerous man that Phil, he got pissed and hand enough.
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The Alien

Sounds like a good move. If he salvaged MCC, then kudos, he's gotbthr chops.

Tho was anticipating Staten - thought that was why they brought him back.
Sounds like a good move. If he salvaged MCC, then kudos, he's gotbthr chops.

Tho was anticipating Staten - thought that was why they brought him back.

What's said is he's not supposed to be there long term. He was brought in to fix the plumbing, he won't be needed if the new team changes things around. But he'll be there for awhile.
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do not tempt fate do not contrain Wonder Woman's thighs do not do not
The fact three people were needed to replace her tells you she probably had way way too much on her plate from the get go.
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