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When TV goes horribly wrong


Anyone randomly caught any off these channel 5 shows?

If you have sky, you can search "when TV" and find all the other episodes.

It's pretty amusing, almost like a time capsule off classic moments, especially when they look at older tv shows.

Edit: if you're not from the UK, this might not interest you at all.
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TVs were wrong. I cant spend sometime outside at night staring at stars, because of the damn satellites.


I've seen some classic stuff live and lost to time on British TV long before DVRs were invented.

Stan Lee being interviewed over live satellite link, interview ends and they start talking about his wife in the studio. Except the satellite link to Stan was still live... he could hear everything.

Doctor Who Tom Baker on one of the shopping channels shilling some merch, some random woman phones in and she has the same first name as someone he knows. Starts talking to her as if he knows her, woman on the phone has no idea whats going on.

Richard Bacon, post getting kicked off of Blue Peter for doing coke and getting a gig on The Big Breakfast. ALL OF IT, he was a living Alan Partridge.
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