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Which game has the deepest meanings so you can daydream about afterlife?

In a game where the deepest meanings can rise if only you think about them something grand about these great things whenever a culmination of total understanding the game can rise up and makes you think for awhile like Doom Eternal and Elden Ring's artstyle or some Civilization 6 action


Spyro the Dragon

Like, was Gnasty Gnorc really the bad guy? Asswipe dragons were talking smack about him on live TV, and he wasn't doing anything wrong. Then you spend the entire game freeing the asswipe dragons and then kill Gnasty for taking up for himself.

This is something the devs try to distract you from with the dreamlike visuals and sounds throughout each world, hoping you won't think about it too much. Then I realized the entire generation of gamers growing up on this game turned out to be snobbish, uptight, holier than thou pricks, just like the dragons of the dragon realm.


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Oddly enough, I’d say games like Tetris Effect, Lumines, and Every Extend Extra fit this bill. At least they do for me. It’s kind of like a meditative staring into the void sort of thing.


I had some of the deepest conversations playing Quake 3 against some philosophy grad students while being high. We essentially concluded that Schopenhauer was a pussy.


Limbo, the original Doom series, Halo, Silent Hill, Killzone, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, Prince of Persia, Shadow of The Colossus, Hexen, Journey, Castlevania, Blood.
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Can someone translate OP's post ?
Games that insist death to humanity that makes you think about afterlife, mortal kombat and resident evil has failed on that cause they made it about death objectively with no depth in meaning, RE is about survival just like super heroes movies, you don't give c about who died.


I'm not sure I fully understand OP, but Outerwilds was something else for me. Pretty much finding meaning at the end of everything (quite literally) and even after that.


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SOMA is a really good shout if you want to have a bit of a think about what it is that really makes you 'you', and what it means to be alive.

I read a book years ago now about transhumanism, and one of rhe ways that people think they might live forever is by downloading their mind into some sort of device, and housing this somewhere (virtual world, robot clone, weird machine floating through space). Seeing the main character try to get to grips with this idea as the game develops, and the fact that at the end he still doesn't get it, is fantastic.


Dragon's dogma. I have difficulties back in 2018. I was consider DDDA as isekai, which i immersified my self there. Played that game about one month, finished twice. And felt in love wiith DDDA as one of the game of all the time for me. It helps me regain my self after i lost my job, then return with better plan. Maybe just me...


Journey is the only game that has ever made me think about the afterlife (in a good way). Talk about a game with soul. Other games touch on the afterlife, but they always make it spooky.
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