Classic men appreciation thread


Monty Clift:

Paul Newman:

Marlon Brando:

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Speaking of Richard Gere reminded me of Days of Heaven which had at the time two of the most gorgeous men on earth - Gere and Sam Shepard:



I'm probably misreading this thread title as a thread for Classic Men is the sense of blokes who actually came across as classic blokes rather than "Phwoooooaaar classic men!" here's my contribution.

Lee Goddamn Marvin.
Outside of Connery's first words as Bond, possibly one the coolest scenes in 60's cinema...
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Fantastic thread, and absolutely great posts so far. The fashion and attitudes of classic men are awesome, and I'm definitely a subscriber to the "they don't make them like they used to" mentality.

Aka Dad's heroes thread:

Steve McQueen:

Robert Redford:

Humphrey Bogart:

Toshiro Mifune:

Michael Caine:
Two of my all-time favorite actors (Bogart and Mifune) makes this a GOAT-tier post.

Jim Morrison

He had the looks and the voice
Huge fan of the Doors here. Man, Jim lived hard. If you look at him in 1967 -- when they released their debut with stuff with "Light My Fire" and 1971 -- when they released "L.A. Woman," you would see, in both looks and voice, that even though it was only 4 years, Jim Morrison looks like he aged 20 years in that time.

Crazy to think that he was only 27 when he died, yet he looked 40. He looked and sounded like shit, too. (But I don't care because "L.A. Woman" is actually my favorite album of theirs.) I guess if you drank that much beer, did that many drugs, and fucked that many chicks, you would age quickly, too 😂


Doesnt need recognition
I see myself as a classic man.

Love their mannerisms and how they treated woman


Aesthetic wise though.... damn

It's so much more though. Zeitgeist. Upbringing in a very different culture that results in inter and outer social/psychological mind set, behaviour, fashion. Morals...

Late edit: pictures and movies don't represent those men. Just a friendly easily forgotten heads up
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