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DF: Grand Theft Auto 5 'Next-Gen' Upgrades Analysis: PS5 vs PS4 vs Maxed-Out PC!


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There has to be more to it than that, tbh. There are tons of posts about series S not holding framerate quite as good in some titles (and even going the other way and being more consistent in others), I doubt that would be a problem for the mods. Did you make a joke that was off color or something like that?
Not sure. I got warning on my profile but it’s not clear. I suppose it’s my drive by series s opinion but I prefer not to dwell in it more. I asked mods to help me understand in pm. Until then let’s keep on topic :)


I think my gta 5 is messed up on series x i see a million of what looks like reflectice puddles of water all over the place. Looks like a hurricane just passed by. On closer look, walking, driving over them indicates its some shadow glitch where the shadows are giving a water type reflection.


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I decided to try the new GTA Online, PS5.

46 seconds from launching until I had control of my character, tried three times, all exactly the same. On the PS4 Pro it took several minutes, and always seemed to vary.

Fidelity mode is approaching how good it looks on my RTX 3080 gaming PC, but with noticeably worse textures in places and some of the more involved effects like water looks worse. It's much better than the PS4 Pro however, IMO. Performance mode and Performance RT modes are very similar, I prefer RT - it makes the city at night pop just a bit more.

The adaptive triggers default settings have way too much resistance IMO. I had to turn it down to low. It was like a finger workout after a few gunfights. Had to stretch my hands lol.

Bouncing in and out of jobs is pretty much instant now. It's even faster than on PC. I also haven't had any of the weird connection issues I used to have while joining jobs or enlisting people.

Overall not bad. I am surprised Rockstar actually did a pretty good job on this upgrade. I was expecting merely better load times really.

Edit: The DualSense haptics are pretty good as well. Nothing ground breaking. I dig the way it replicates the feel of the terrain you're driving on, or the idling rumble of an engine.
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