DreadOut 2 coming to Xbox Series and Xbox One on July 15, PS5 and PS4 on July 20

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DreadOut 2 coming to Xbox Series and Xbox One on July 15, PS5 and PS4 on July 20​

First launched for PC in February 2020.

Publisher Digerati and developer Digital Happiness will release third-person action adventure survival horror game DreadOut 2 for Xbox Series and Xbox One on July 15, followed by PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on July 20 for $19.99 / €19.99, the companies announced.

DreadOut 2 first launched for PC via Steam on February 21, 2020.

Here is an overview of the game, via Digerati:


DreadOut 2 is a third-person horror adventure that draws inspiration from Indonesian folklore and urban legend. Play as Linda Meillinda, a high school student with a supernatural power—the ability to sense and see ghosts. With the aid of her trusty smartphone, Linda must hunt the nightmarish spirits and dark forces that threaten not only her hometown, but all of mankind.
This spine-chilling sequel expands on the cult hit original with all-new melee combat and a greater emphasis on exploration, making DreadOut 2 another compelling and terrifying addition to the horror genre.

Key Features
  • Banish Them All! – Hunt and defeat intangible ghosts with Linda’s smartphone camera, or use melee weapons and projectiles against physical ghosts.
  • A World of Dread – Explore Linda’s hometown and beyond, talk to residents (alive and dead!), complete side-quests, and delve deeper into DreadOut lore.
  • Discover Ghosts and Urban Legends – Search out spirits and uncover local myths to complete the Ghostpedia app on Linda’s smartphone.
  • Terrifying Boss Spirits – Keep your nerve as you battle the supernatural realm’s most hostile ghosts, including the chilling Kuntilanak, and horrifying Gore Surgeon.

Source: Gematsu


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Is this actually coming to Consoles because they said the same about the first one.


I'm actually pretty excited. The first game was the most fun I've ever had watching my friend play a horror game. The perfect mix of being able to laugh at and mock the game and genuinely being creeped out or startled by it. I dunno about playing it by oneself but I 100% recommend playing it with some friends and some beers.


That announcement trailer is hilariously bad lol.

DOOMesque riffage in a game that is supposed to be tense and creepy? Or am I just wrong and is it actually a shooter draped in Siren & Fatal Frame stylings?


I always wanted to play the first one, would be nice if it got a console release too, or i may just have to watch a lets play.


Fun fact, I got to script doctor this during my time at Digerati. It was an interesting experience, for sure! The team at Digital Happiness are great people, and I'm sincerely hoping this game finds a console audience. It's good, messy, ridiculous fun!
Do not buy this game.

Basically a broken game. Trash. I requested a refund. Your only attack in the game basically just has a random chance of registering as a hit. Like 5% or less chance. The rest of the time its just not even registering as you doing anything.
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Update: Got the refund approved. Shame, as I was willing to overlook the general low budget nature of the game and try to enjoy it. But the combat straight up doesn't work.

You can take pictures of enemies like Fatal Frame and that does damage. Or charge it for a stronger attack.

In reality you just spam the camera button over and over and over and probably 5% of the time it registers as a "hit." The rest of the time the game just appears glitched and it doesn't do anything. No reaction or response from the enemy. Just nothing.
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