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Forbes: Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League's Joker Season Is Unbelievably Bad

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Article vias Fobes, from someone who was interested in playing it:

While I was not exactly expecting Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s new Joker season to save the already-failed game, I was not expecting it to be one of the worst live season launches I have ever seen. It’s a void of content, a mountain of grinding and a complete lack of a story that was promised to continue after the abrupt ending of the campaign.

What went wrong here? Quite literally almost everything. After the first day (in which I have “finished” essentially everything), here’s what happened:

  • You are not given Joker when you log in, unlike when Marvel’s Avengers dropped a new character. Instead, you are told to grind to Season Rank 35 to fight Braniac to then unlock him. This is not battle pass rank or mastery rank, but a separate, third rank that will force you to grind somewhere between 10-20 missions, depending on the mission, to reach that level. This is old content with your old characters, but your difficulty is capped on things like Incursions making them impossibly easy with your already-powerful builds.
  • There are no new missions types at launch here. Zero. There was supposed to be something called a “Stronghold” but it may not launch until halfway through the season, and it’s not here now. Instead, the “new” Incursions are either straight up killing enemies (grunts in one, brutes in one, infused enemies in one) and then the anti-aircraft gun mini-mission from the first game.
  • The Braniac boss fight is a barely modified version of the Green Lantern fight. Think he’s going to at least summon new, alien constructs with the ring? Wrong. The same helicopters, mines, guns, everything. It’s identical to when the first Braniac copied the Flash boss fight at the end of the campaign.the Flash boss fight at the end of the campaign.

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    • As for Joker story content there are exactly two things, a motion comic at the season opening showing him being trapped by Braniac. Then when you rescue him, there is a brief cutscene with him being taken to ARGUS and recruited. He doesn’t even speak to Harley, and she just tells Shark she’s not into “Comedians” anymore. There is no story mission related to Joker at all. There are no story missions in the season whatsoever as I am not counting that bad Braniac fight.
    • Once you have Joker it’s…back to grinding the same stuff again. Nothing new appears. Nothing changes. He starts at level 10 and you’ll probably have to knock world difficulty down to start leveling him. I thought my Mastery ranks were bugged at first but they only unlock after you get him, so you can start doing those. But again, these “new” incursions do not have any new objectives. Rocksteady said there were new infused enemies but I have no idea what they are or if they’re even in the game.
    • Joker himself is…fine. As I’ve said before, the problem with Suicide Squad is that all these characters are close to identical minus their traversal and ultimate. His traversal is popping himself up with an explosion then surfing/gliding a rocket umbrella around. His ultimate is jumping in the air and dropping bombs on people. Again, he’s fine, but I’m just working on getting him the new Scarecrow poison set I guess, which again, will require a ton of Incursion mastery grinding to reach. Content we’ve already been grinding since launch.




Oof,if this didn't do it for people then it's dead jim...At this point nothing can save this game. In half a year tops I bet we hear of Rocksteady's demise and the end of the support of this.

...9 whole years down the drain
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In all honesty, it makes sense and is what we all expected.

The game is dead and has been for ages now, even far before launch. There was no chance they were going to invest a lot in good post-game content.

Makes no sense to lose even more than they already have.


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I'm more surprised people even expected Harley to have dialogue with him. This one is not Harley.
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