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Hogwarts Legacy is the biggest Harry Potter game launch of all time | UK Boxed Charts


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My godness, this game is huge.

Big thanks to all soycocks and retards doing free market for it. Streisand effect in full force.
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Gamepass killing game sales.
I think it's a mix of all the marketing being for PS5 only, I had work colleagues that didn't even know it was coming to Xbox.

& Digital seems to be a lot more prevalent on Xbox, due to a whole host of reasons, game pass, quick resume etc etc.

I prefer hard copies of games myself, but I feel like the minority.
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Either I'm completely out of the loop or there's a conversation that's going on that I have no idea about :messenger_tears_of_joy:
Lol i was joking with you.

It's because of that Wired review that started off with "Yikes Y'all" and the review was done by someone (a male to female transgender) who had only reviewed sex toys before so it was almost like they got to do the job just because of being trans.

I won't like to the article but here is the thread



I think they meant that Xbox players don't buy games and wait for them to go to Game Pass. I mean I do see a ton of people all the time saying "well I'll just wait until such and such game goes on Game Pass" so.
Yes lets generalize all xbox players. In my experience most games i want never go on there. But i see it as trying games out i never had on the radar.

Peopld hating on game pass is the dumbest shit i have ever seen.

Imagine hating good value.


I'm sure at least half of the Resetera mods bought this game, too. <3
For a short while, discussion on resetera softly slipped from hating on Harry Potter to discussing which house they would go to and how the houses made no sense (don't disagree here))). They are totally playing it.

Also complaining how everyone arounds them talks about the game, which is relevant to topic))


Elden ring sales were mainly digital I believe so I really am curious who sold more digital.
This game's sales will also be mainly digital, since this article only includes PS5 and Series X copies. And even if we had the digital data it would still not paint the whole picture since we lack the PS4, XOne and Switch sales. It will definitely surpass ER in total sales in one year timeframe.
82% of Hogwarts Legacy's sales were on PS5, with the remaining 18% on Xbox Series S and X. Digital sales will likely reduce that gap between the two platforms as Xbox's digital share tends to be higher than it is in physical (in part due to the popularity of the digital-only Xbox Series S)."

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That's a pretty big difference between the two. I know Sony had the marketing deal but it can't be just that.
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