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If you could have 1 game known to be in development released polished this year what could it be. Any game no matter release date?


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Any platform no matter how long the launch window is from now. It just has to be known it's in development. For example Half LIfe 3 would not qualify.

I currently play 3 main platforms. I got my ps5, switch lite, and Oculus Quest 2. So for me and I am sure many others there are dozens of decisions.

Now for me it's a very very close battle. I would say my #1 is 51% and my #2 is 49% it came down to that close in my mind.

My #2 and it was close is God Of War Ragnarok.

My #1 is a game I know if they put their usual polish on I will be playing for hundreds of hours or more. Hell I may end up spending close to a 100 hours on the campaign alone. This is assuming they put the same polish they have on their previous game and not cater to the Woke Hive Mind. My choice is Grand Theft Auto 6!


Probably Dragons Dogma 2.
Mostly because most other games I'm really hyped about like God of War Ragnarok, Silksong and FFXVI will probably release within the next year which is a reasonable waiting time. But based on how DD2 was announced it seems like it's still several years away


I have a couple, but my biggest one right now is the new Fable.

Others include:

Max Payne 1 & 2 Remakes
Final Fantasy XVI
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
Perfect Dark

I'm sure I could go on, but I'll leave it there lol.
I would say prime 4 but I don't want it on the current switch if possible.

I guess Bayonetta 3, but it's already coming out this year right?

Meh. Generally I'm very patient considering how insane my library is.


Initially I'd say The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed but Evil Dead is still fresh so I can wait on those a bit. Live a Live is pretty close so no need to rush that either.

I guess it would be either the new James Bond game or Slitterhead.


Silent hill.
Naughty dog’s new game.
Callisto Protocol
If any of those games were released it would be awesome.
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Paralives. I pretty much have my fill for every genre I like except for life simulation games (I haven’t really enjoyed The Sims series since the third one) and this game seems the first serious attempt at creating another game in that genre.


Unlike others who didn't read the OP... I am only picking from announced games.

The Day Before
The Witcher 4
Metroid Prime 4
God of War R
Black Myth: Wukong
TLOU Factions
Crysis 4
AEW Fight Forever
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty


Final Fantasy VII Complete Reimagined Director's Cut Edition

All DLC Included and introducing the new story "Zack and Aerith Happily Ever After -Another Ghost Timeline-" and the Remake of Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus -Vincent May Cry-


GTA 6 is a good shout tbf.

I'd probably say Naughty Dog's unannounced game, seeing as Druckmann confirmed it's in development.

Of announced games, Wolverine is interesting, and FF 7 Rebirth looked great. I'm pretty intrigued to see what Fable looks like too. Oh and The Witcher 4.
Dragon's Dogma 2 I think for me and I haven't even played the first game. Just can't think of much else that is coming that thrills me. Maybe BOTW2 but I'm happy to wait.

Surprisingly I feel like there are very few games that I'm legitimately looking forward to at the moment. God of War sure, but somehow Elden Ring has made every other game feel inferior. I'm back to feeling like I want something new out of games. Somehow I want more phsyics, more destruction and more world interactivity than I think most games coming out any time soon will have. It's going to be another 5 years or more until the kind of games I want will come.

Crossgen is killing dev progress in gaming atm. To think that it's going to take 5 years until any games properly use the new tech of the new consoles and this really is quite disappointing. Maybe there's some stuff coming I don't know about. Wonder when the first UE5 game will come. Thankfully Elden Ring has satisfied my urge to play games for the time being and I don't have any desire to play anything atm.


THE Prey 2 fanatic
How about, um, known to have been in development? I want Prey 2.
If that doesn't count, shucks, I'll go with The Elder Scrolls VI. Hopefully 2022 computers won't have issues running this... 2030? game.
Starfield...I genuinely think that it will be a game changer in the same way Skyrim was. If I could get it now in the perfect shape i'd be set for the rest of the year.


I'd want to game the system by picking something far out, not necessarily the game I want most, so ES6 it is. I really don't feel like waiting 5-6 years for them to finish Starfield's first milking cycle.

EDIT: Wait! I just found out For the King 2 is happening. So I want that, immediately, system-gaming strategy be damned.
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Elder Scrolls 6 is the easiest answer for me, my favorite franchise by my favorite dev, while we haven't had a new entry in 11 years already

If we're sticking with something that's at least vaguely in true development (rather than super pre-production), I'd say Spider Man 2

And if we're allowed to go with games we know are being worked on but aren't officially announced yet I'd go with Persona 6


Predicts the worst decade for Sony starting 2022
Starfield...I genuinely think that it will be a game changer in the same way Skyrim was. If I could get it now in the perfect shape i'd be set for the rest of the year.
I hope you are right about Starfield. I personally think it's going to be a no man's sky situation where they do not deliver on most promises. To be determined...


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yeah i'm just gonna go with the OP's choice of GTA6
mainly because if GTA6 doesn't release this year, it'll come out after GTAV's 10th anniversary and i just can't have that


Hmm, I think I see a way to cheat the game here...

I'm going to say Final Fantasy VII Part 3, because FFVII Remake is out and FFVII Rebirth will be out in 2023, so if #3 could magically be released in 2022... heck, that's no longer so long a wait, just put it on the backlog stack until the trilogy is complete.
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