Is Final Fantasy XV good and worth buying like the other big FF releases?


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I played FFXV last year for the first time after hearing years of the pros and cons. My feelings on it:

The world is big and gorgeous, but pretty dull and not filled with enough interesting things.

The game for me was like 90% sidequests, otherwise the main story is really short.

The game at a certain part in the story just cuts away from a major story development and you find out about what happened via word of mouth and text. You don't actually see it. And if you want to find out the full story of what happened you need to watch the movie, which really pissed me off. The story felt so rushed and I honestly felt ripped off at times.

The main characters are really nothing to write home about.

The battle system is good, but I found myself spamming attacks more often than using strategy. Liked the FFXIII trilogy battle system better.

The soundtrack was meh, and I love Yoko Shimomura, but I found myself listening to old FF soundtrack themes in my Regalia.

Overall I thought it was a meh RPG that had a lot of promise. If they filled the world with more things to do and fleshed out the story it would have been really good.

It also has one of the hardest and most frustrating optional dungeons in any game ever. It's so hard to get lost in that thing, you could spend countless hours in it.


My personal view - it isn't a classic in the same sense of the other games you listed.

Is XV still a good game? Yes - it is better than 90% of other RPG's from this generation. The Soundtrack is sublime (though weird in places), the game looks great most of the time and the battle system is fresh with some admittedly odd choices, (how magic and summons are used.) It does suffer from a few issues in pacing and explanation and you can tell it went through several directors before arriving at where it did but the game is solid enough for a run through. Plus, the Royal Edition is a really good pack and worth the money for the amount of content alone and fills in some of the gaps of the story.


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I enjoyed XV for what it is, but my favorite part of the game’s odd design choices is mapping interact to the same button as jump. 90% of my conversations with other characters in game began with Noctis jumping shoulder-height in front of them. I like to headcanon it as Noctis’ replacement for a handwave, his own weird way of saying hello before negotiations begin.


It's without a doubt the worst story in any FF game of all time. They released a movie called Kingsglaive which is basically the cinematic that explains the start of the video game but it's not actually PART of the game so all this context to the story you're playing exists in a separate movie.....

I never finished the game, there's a specific level that is so completely separate from everything else in the game left me with such a bad taste in my mouth I didn't want to see how it ends.'s the worst FF game ever, the worst FF story ever, and some of the best visuals ever. It's a pretty pile of shit. As the saying goes you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig.
XII is my favorite FF after FFXI.

12s combat is shit ? Wut ? The class system freedom, the varying difficulty of notorious monsters to test your mettle, and I mean it's basically FFXI combat juiced up.

Compared to say ff9 combat , another FF I love, and it's leagues ahead in options and what to test those options on.
I respect that. However, from what I've read, you get the most out of the battle system during the hunts and endgame. Throughout the entire 30 hour story, all you really need to do is Attack, use Cure, and use Gambits to heal Status Ailments. Nothing else. Nowhere near as varied as something like FFX/FFX-2.
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