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NeoGAF GOTY 2023 |OT| Voting thread


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It's that time of the year again gaf. When the eyes of the internet descend on the forum to see what the finest people rate the game of the year. We're sticking with last year's voting platform but reduced some of the categories that felt a bit superfluous.

Changes/How to vote
Please review this thread detailing the new voting process

Deadline: Voting closes January 17th
Voting Link: https://www.neogaf.com/goty/

Can I post my list/choices in the thread?
Certainly. It is encouraged! You can just copy/paste now from your completed list unlike the last few years!

My game isn't listed
Just tag me or Topher Topher and we'll update the list and ping you back when done!

Last years results
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There are way too many GOTY contenders, it’s so hard to pick!

Guess I’ll just vote for The Day Before.

The Cockatrice

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My list

The Cockatrice's selections:

Game of the YearMarvel's Spider-Man 2
Best Action GameResident Evil 4
Best Adventure GameThe Talos Principle 2
Best RPGBaldur's Gate 3
Best PlatformerClick to Vote
Best ShooterSystem Shock
Best Sports GameClick to Vote
Best Fighting GameClick to Vote
Best Indie GameClick to Vote
Best Multiplayer GameClick to Vote
Best Remake or RemasterResident Evil 4
Best Visual StyleAlan Wake II
Best SoundtrackThe Talos Principle 2
Best UI or HUD designDead Space
Best Voice ActingBaldur's Gate 3
Best Box ArtClick to Vote
Best character designMarvel's Spider-Man 2
Best Overall ValueBaldur's Gate 3
Most Underrated GameThe Talos Principle 2
Most Difficult GameLies of P
'It should have been on Gamepass'Click to Vote
Game that respects your timeBaldur's Gate 3
Game that deserves a sequelStar Wars Jedi: Survivor
Game I bought, but didn't playClick to Vote
Best first hour of gameplayStar Wars Jedi: Survivor

This what I got so far. Havent played any platformers, anything good that released this year thats on steam/ps?
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It's going to take until January 17 to read that whole list of games. A lot of stuff released this year.


'The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom' in all boxes.

Unless you're a REEEEEEEE person, in which case I put 'Hogwarts Legacy' in all boxes.


I suppose Jusant is considered an indie because Don't Nod self-published.
That was the only 2023 indie game I've played, so I guess that gets my vote in that category.


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Voted. Here's hoping Star Ocean 2R wins some awards for it's amazing menus, character designs, and RPG gameplay.
Woo! Shame the banner in the OP only shows the big name games. Plenty of indie games worthy of inclusion!

Edit - Stasis: Bone Totem can't find :(
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Why isn’t Starfield in the Sports category too!? I heard this was a three-in-one type of game smfh

Silver Wattle

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I'll abstain from voting since I don't think I've played any notable games that have released this year, but I will say that this year has been an absolute banger.
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