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NeoGAF GOTY 2023 |OT| Voting thread

Voted. That wizard game got most of my votes.



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It's a little wack that we have a "Gamepass" category, but NOT a VR category. But it's cool. :rolleyes:


1) Humanity - distant first. Such a beautifully unique puzzle game with a weird-as-hell "story" that I loved.
2) Diablo IV - been having an absolute blast with couch co-op. I can see how hardcore Diablo 2 or 3 fans would hate D4 which has clearly been watered down for casuals. But as a filthy casual myself, it's perfect.
3) Exoprimal - my surprise of the year. Random F2P shooter that, on the surface, looks like it should be dogshit. It's not. The shooting mechanics are excellent, the heroes are so much fun, and the dinosaur enemies are, well, dinosaurs.
4) Gunfire Reborn - it's eligible this year so I'm voting it. Discovered this through Game Pass. I know I'm super late to the party, but I made it. Great game.
5) Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon - I fell for the hype train on this one. It's a solid mech fighting game. I guess I just don't really click with the genre.
6) Dead Space - not done yet so might move higher. But a remake done right.
7) Supraland Six Inches Under - another Game Pass gem that looks like shit on the surface, but is straight-up dumb fun.
8) The Finals - good F2P effort. I liked the beta way more than the public release, because they clamped down on the free currency HARD to the point where it takes 50 games to save enough to buy a stupid sweater. Left a sour taste in my mouth and dropped its ranking at least a couple points.
9) Payday 3 - only played because of Game Pass. It's a "Single A" shooter that knows what it is and doesn't try to be any better. Unacceptable amount of bugs and server issues on launch really hurt the game's popularity, which is a shame.

Valheim - this is my legit game of the year in terms of personal enjoyment, but it came out in 2021. Thank you Game Pass!

Technically not out this year (beta):
Predecessor (Paragon remake) - if the game goes full launch in 2024, it's an early favourite for my 2024 GOTY. Feels so damn good to have Paragon back.


FeralEcho's selections:

Game of the Year Baldur's Gate 3
Best Action Game Lies of P
Best Adventure Game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Best RPG Baldur's Gate 3
Best Platformer Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Best Shooter Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty
Best Fighting Game Street Fighter 6
Best Indie Game The Last Faith
Best Remake or Remaster Resident Evil 4
Best Visual Style Final Fantasy XVI
Best Soundtrack Final Fantasy XVI
Best UI or HUD design Dead Space
Best Voice Acting Baldur's Gate 3
Best character design Baldur's Gate 3
Best Overall Value Baldur's Gate 3
Most Underrated Game Lies of P
Most Difficult Game Lies of P
Game that respects your time Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Game that deserves a sequel Lies of P
Best first hour of gameplay Final Fantasy XVI
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Was NFS:Unbound this year? My fav game in recent memory. Everybody seemed focus on hating Rocky and the plot... I don't think they got in the way of the fun at all... Loved his classic Benzo... Still don't know any of his music despite Durk being my GOAT(So I dabble in Rocky's genre).


Interesting list. Here’s mine:



A few close calls. TotK bow combat had it in close contention for best shooter but it narrowly missed out.
To be honest, I totally get this. I’ve been playing it for 2 weeks now (LTTP) and fuck me if it’s not absolutely spectacular the more I play it.

There’s always something to discover, some puzzle you didn’t see at first, and it reminds me of the original Tomb Raider when you’ve just entered some random cave and find some kind of gigantic puzzle temple inside.

It’s the best videogames can be indeed. I might need to rework my list. :D
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It's that time of the year again gaf. When the eyes of the internet descend on the forum to see what the finest people rate the game of the year. We're sticking with last year's voting platform but reduced some of the categories that felt a bit superfluous.

Changes/How to vote
Please review this thread detailing the new voting process

Deadline: Voting closes January 17th
Voting Link: https://www.neogaf.com/goty/

Can I post my list/choices in the thread?
Certainly. It is encouraged! You can just copy/paste now from your completed list unlike the last few years!

My game isn't listed
Just tag me or Topher Topher and we'll update the list and ping you back when done!

Last years results

Street Fighter 6


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Might swap one or two out but mine is looking like this:

Game of the YearAlan Wake II
Best Action GameDiablo IV
Best Adventure GameHogwarts Legacy
Best RPGBaldur's Gate 3
Best PlatformerJusant
Best ShooterHigh on Life
Best Sports GameF1 23
Best Fighting GameStreet Fighter 6
Best Indie GameJusant
Best Multiplayer GameDiablo IV
Best Remake or RemasterResident Evil 4
Best Visual StyleHi-Fi Rush
Best SoundtrackAlan Wake II
Best UI or HUD designSuper Mario RPG
Best Voice ActingAlan Wake II
Best Box ArtDead Island 2
Best character designLies of P
Best Overall ValueDiablo IV
Most Underrated GameAvatar: Frontiers of Pandora
Most Difficult GameLords of the Fallen
'It should have been on Gamepass'The Lord of the Rings: Gollum
Game that respects your timeMarvel's Spider-Man 2
Game that deserves a sequelAvatar: Frontiers of Pandora
Game I bought, but didn't playAssassin's Creed Mirage
Best first hour of gameplayAlan Wake II


Posting my top 10 list for posterity. Enjoyed reading other people's lists in the past, hope that makes a comeback next year.

1) Zelda: TotK
I had close to zero hype for this game. Loved BotW, but this just didn't look different enough. Glad I was wrong, ended up with ~180 hrs played; the ultrahand stuff and the depths+sky islands worked extremely well. With a game this ambitious, there are all sorts of things to critique (more variety in the depths being #1), but there's much more that the game does well. Reclaims the title of best open world game from Elden Ring, let's hope From can take back the crown with their next game.

2) Theatrhythm Final Bar Line
Spent close to 600 hrs so far. I can't get into most rhythm games, but that all comes down to the music selection. Have been a big fan of this series since the first one, even bought a Japanese 3ds just for Th: DQ when I was in Japan years ago. Over 500 songs in this one, and what's crazy is they could easily put triple that number in the game without the quality of the songs suffering. The new "crunchwrap supreme" difficulty is great, and the button controls allow for much more complicated scores than the single-touch games ever had. Will be playing this one for years to come.

3) Metroid Prime Remastered
Incredible shadow drop. The original is in my top 10 of all time. In an alternate world where this was the first release of the game, it would be #1 no question. Probably the best looking Switch game, and the best example of how to update the visuals of an already great-looking game.

4) DoDonpachi DaiOuJou Re:Incarnation
A top 3 all-time shmup. This isn't a remake, or even a port, but an excellent emulated release of three versions of the game. The arrange modes (essentially romhacks) are pretty weak, but the features included for the main games are great, par for the course for M2. Amazing that they get the input lag so low with emulation. Good package, but for $40 it should have better arange modes like they did for Ketsui, and include some of the existing arranged soundtracks, instead of just a single new (not that good) arrange.

5) Final Fantasy 16
Was super hyped for this, and overall it was a bit of a letdown. Has some glaring flaws, especially the awful mmo-style sidequests, but also the terrible implementation of torgal, meaningless crafting/weapon systems, and the fact that combat gets extremely repetitive once you figure out the one-size-fits-all sequence of moves to take down all the fights (especially in NG+ where you start with all abilities). But the game looks great, has a very good soundtrack (though mid-tier for FF), and the story and characters don't get in the way too much (story is actually kind of bad, but it's told well?). Despite all the flaws, the highs are really high (Intro chapter, Bahamut fight, Titan fight), so overall I did enjoy it quite a bit.

6) Armored Core 6
First AC game, and it gets straight to the point. Blow stuff up with mech. Honestly one of the best looking games this year, despite being last-gen. Very fun to play in one-hour sessions, but unfortunately never really hooked me. The mech customization was honestly tedious. Relies too much on circle strafing, but that's From for you I guess. Hope I come back and play NG+ next year.

7) Pikmin 4
Had a good time with this one, but it didn't do too much new. Combined some of the best ideas from each of the previous games, but didn't do any of them as well as the previous games did. The way the reticle snaps to things and pressing the "toss" button doesn't always respond (stops after the minimun number of pikmin are assigned to an object) is just a terrible design decision. The game felt too much like watching a loading bar. But it's still Pikmin, so it's a pretty good loading bar.

8) 30XX
Sequel to 20XX, a roguelike Megaman X. This one looks much nicer, but honestly is not overall as fun as the previous one. Or maybe just didn't do enough new. Only spent ~10 hrs with this one, saw credits only a couple times. Will hopefully come back to this some time.

9) Super Mario Bros. Wonder
It's good, though I don't get the over-the-top praise it got in most reviews. Looks nice, but extremely easy. Really only one hard level, and much less content than other stage-based Mario games, especially 3D world. The wonder seeds were hit or miss, and did get reused quite often, despite what a number of reviews claimed. Badge system is kind of neat, but I ended up using the first one you get (parachute hat) for 90% of the game.

10) Super Mario RPG (remake)
Very solid remake, looks great other than a few nasty frame-rate dips. Excellent arrangement of the music. The game is really well paced, but honestly just isn't that great of an RPG. Good personality, though I think paper mario and the first M&L did it better. Would have been a great chance to add some post-game content (superbosses, etc.). Isometric platforming is still a terrible idea.

Edit: Honorable Mention) Void Stranger
Picked this up right at the end of the year. Impressions from 1st playthrough: great Eggerland/Lolo-style game. Impressions after four playthroughs: shaping up to be a great Riven-style game. Not quite sure yet if the repeated playthrough style that the game forces you to do will be worth it in the end, but the few endings I've gotten have made me curious enough to keep going. So far the dev (System Erasure) has made two pretty incredible games, can't wait to see what they do next.

Very solid year for games. This is the first year in a while that I even played 10 games from that year; normally ~80% of my time is with older games. Still ultimately only a few that were really amazing; I liked 5-10 on my list, but they all disappointed a bit.
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Don’t think I liked anything this year… actually started to dislike Destiny …


Heres my top ten boys!!!!!!!!!

Lies of P
Alan Wake 2
Sea of Stars
Super Mario Wonder
RE4 Remake
Rogue Legacy 2
Dead Space Remake
Spiderman 2
Moss Book 2

Honorable mentions: Pikmin 4, Diablo 4, Cocoon

Biggest piece of fucking dog shit on earth: FINAL FANTASY 16!!!!!

Pieces of crap that aren't quite as bad as FF16 aka the worst game ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Jedi Survivor and Armored Core VI!!!!!!!!!!!!! These games fuckin SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best game I didn't play enough: Baldur's Gate 3, love what I've played so far, just haven't put in the time yet. I just finished FF7 Remake and I'm starting it in earnest now.

Well boys that was an incredible year - see you in '24!!!!!!!


I just looked it up, stasis 2 looks fascinatingly creepy and dystopian

how far does it go with the gore and messed up stuff?
The game is much more refined than the first game and works well with the idea of controlling multiple characters, giving each of them some unique quirks and a role in the story. The setting has a great atmosphere

The gore is there, similarly as some dark and messed up moments, but they're not intended to be a driving force, so it's not overly provocative and edgy. It's a very competent point'n'click that uses its much darker setting and ideas really well
The game is much more refined than the first game and works well with the idea of controlling multiple characters, giving each of them some unique quirks and a role in the story. The setting has a great atmosphere

The gore is there, similarly as some dark and messed up moments, but they're not intended to be a driving force, so it's not overly provocative and edgy. It's a very competent point'n'click that uses its much darker setting and ideas really well
very intriguing in a dark way. might check it out


Game of the YearRoboCop: Rogue City
Best Action GameRoboCop: Rogue City
Best Adventure GameRoboCop: Rogue City
Best RPGFinal Fantasy XVI
Best PlatformerSuper Mario Bros. Wonder
Best ShooterRoboCop: Rogue City
Best Sports GameClick to Vote (no)
Best Fighting GameClick to Vote
Best Indie GameClick to Vote
Best Multiplayer GameClick to Vote
Best Remake or RemasterMetal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol. 1
Best Visual StyleHogwarts Legacy
Best SoundtrackFinal Fantasy XVI
Best UI or HUD designRoboCop: Rogue City
Best Voice ActingFinal Fantasy XVI
Best Box ArtMetal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol. 1 (3x Yoji artwork in one)
Best character designFinal Fantasy XVI (muh diversity lol)
Best Overall ValueRoboCop: Rogue City
Most Underrated GameRoboCop: Rogue City
Most Difficult GameThe Walking Dead: Destinies (difficult to even watch clips of this shit)
'It should have been on Gamepass'Skull Island: Rise of Kong
Game that respects your timeRoboCop: Rogue City
Game that deserves a sequelRoboCop: Rogue City
Game I bought, but didn't playStarfield
Best first hour of gameplayRoboCop: Rogue City


Can’t Git Gud
rough draft.
For me it's all between ff16, forspoken, hogwarts, ac6 and re4 remake.

Maybe I should put forspoken in best Action game because the combat is great... but it got nothing on ac6. And ac6 is more of an action game than a shooter. so this seems ok


DDP gang! I'll allow it for all but platformer.

And for voice acting... technically qualifies, but for the way the announcer says "just a couple more shots" when there's like 1/8 of the boss's health left, it should be right at the bottom of that category.

Jinzo Prime

Near final selections:

Game of the YearThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Best Action GameHi-Fi Rush
Best Adventure GameThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Best RPGStar Ocean: The Second Story R
Best PlatformerSuper Mario Bros. Wonder
Best ShooterResident Evil 4
Best Sports Game
Best Fighting GameStreet Fighter 6
Best Indie GamePizza Tower
Best Multiplayer Game
Best Remake or RemasterStar Ocean: The Second Story R
Best Visual StyleHi-Fi Rush
Best SoundtrackThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Best UI or HUD designArmored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon
Best Voice ActingFinal Fantasy XVI
Best Box ArtThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Best character designSuper Mario Bros. Wonder
Best Overall Value
Baldur's Gate 3
Most Underrated GameStar Ocean: The Second Story R
Most Difficult GameArmored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon
'It should have been on Gamepass'Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Game that respects your timeStar Ocean: The Second Story R
Game that deserves a sequelHi-Fi Rush
Game I bought, but didn't play
Best first hour of gameplayStar Ocean: The Second Story R
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