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Repella Fella



About this game
Set in a future, post-apocalyptic Australia, Repella Fella tells the story of several characters as they work towards a better life. Shoot, stab, lie and maim your way through any problem that presents itself. Explore weird and wonderful locations scattered throughout Australia.
  • Completely voiced with over 75 talented voice actors
  • An engaging story with multiple subplots
  • Read notes, books, newspapers and guides
  • Multiple endings with a final collaborative choice - the most voted option determines where and how the sequel will begin
  • Authentically Australian - no overdone accents or dusty, barren wastelands
  • 5 years in the making
  • Search for weapons and items to aid you in your travels
  • Coming to Steam on Windows, Mac and Linux
How do I play the game?
The game consists of either making choices during cinematics or exploring interactive areas to progress through the game.

There are various locations where you can walk around, chat to people, make story based choices, discover multiple subplots, find reading materials, listen to audio cassettes and complete small quests. Many objects can be interacted with, and there are numerous items you can find to use in your adventures.

One book in the game contains over 120 pages full of information, illustrations and photos.

It's not possible to see all of the content in any one playthrough. You will need to play the game at least 3 times to see the majority of the game's content.


Full disclosure: This is my game and it will be coming regardless of the Kickstarter outcome. Thanks for reading.


Yep! I test it often on my 2017 Mac. My theory is if I can maintain 144FPS on that thing (in gameplay segments), any decent PC from the past decade should have no problems.
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