Resident Evil 4 aged like milk and plays like trash

RE6 may play like shite, but at least you can move and shoot in that game, and you're not able to just constantly kick and smash away at enemies like it's some 'get out of jail for free card' to be used endlessly.

It feels more refined. But to be honest, RE6 is just ass in general, so it's not really much of a step ahead in advancement...
It was fine at the time, only compared with the newer 3rd pers. shooters is it somewhat lacking.

I think bigger problem it makes for fans was toneing down horror factor and scarceity of ammo, and being much more shooter orianted.
I think the best way to play this is still Wii + nunchuck + remote. I remember playing the PS3 version and thought controls were bad. But I'd say even the last Resident Evil (Village) controls very badly.


OP try the wii version. Better than gamecube with the extra content (and possibly widescreen) and the IR pointer makes shooting quicker and fair. Personally my favourite version.


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It also felt like shit back when it was released so no surprise there.


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Disagree, I actually re-played the Wii version a couple of moths back. It’s still:
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Yeah I agree with op. The steam version is trash. I couldn't believe it.
I'm glad the remake is coming out.


Resident Evil 4 is not perfect.
The QTEs were dogshit even in 2004, the entire island is a glorified shooting gallery, Krauser... all of it.
But the controls are fine and even today it plays great. It's one of the aspects of the game that has aged gracefully.
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Nice wall of text OP but you're wrong in every single way.
No, he's right. This was my 3rd Playthrough in 7 years. The game does have trash controls and a pretty bad plot. The rest of the action is S-Tier.
Taking story in a Resident Evil game seriously. Nay, taking "story" in a videogame seriously. And "trash" controls. Pleb thread.
Its more fun if you just play it like a game
As opposed to what you 180iq genius? A fucking movie?
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Replayed recently, certainly the controls ain't modern and at first you feel limited, but after 5 minutes everything felt right and actually had a blast playing, actually you could argue that the controls are also part of the charm.


Played it when it came out on Gamecube (or maybe PS2, but I think I played it on gamecube) and I haven't played it since, because of the controls.
I still can play the PS1 Resident Evil games easily, but RE4,5,6 I can't do. They feel off to me. It is probably a generational thing. RE4 for me probably feels like what some people think of the fixed camera and tank controls of OG RE 1,2,3.

So the good news for me is that RE4 Remake comes out soon and I am very excited to play it again with modern controls and it probably feels like an entirely new game for me then.
High confidence in CAPCOM. They have been on a roll after the disasterous PS3/X360 generation and I am going to devour RE4 Remake which I expect to feel like RE 2 and 3 Remake.


I actually just played this for the first time in August and saw why people love it. The control scheme took some getting use too; I died and reset the opening cabin fight several times before I felt like I was getting it down. Aiming especially with the knife kept screwing me up cause Leon would slash really high until I relaxed on the controls.

Really glad I played this version too cause I'm sure Ashleys ballastics won't be talked about the same way in the remake. Just lots of RE camp and perversion through out which makes it special


I recently played it two times in a row (with HD project / RE4 tweaks) on normal and professional. It was still awesome.


The remakes essentially play the same especially in harder difficulties where you need to wait for reticule focus for crit shots.


RE4 is still brilliant and amazing. If there is one thing I would remove, its just the QTE's.


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I always thought it was funny to read reviews for RE4 and RE5, so many comments about the improved controls but yea, they are literally the same tank controls that were always there, just a different camera angle.
I have side this for years, even first person games are tank controls in the first person prospective.
Hence why FPS games with tanks the control is exactly the same as on foot.
I think they only recently they change them to be more common vehicle control system.


Is this one of those "Any game that was released before the last 10 years is now UNPLAYABLE!" type of posts? Game is absolutely still playable and just as fun today, not sure what the fuck you are on with all this hyperbolic nonsense you spouted in the OP. Funny that of all the things you ranted about in your post, you didn't bring up the QTE shit which is really the only blemish this game has. I am in the camp that this game doesn't "need" a remake, but hell I am sure they will knock it out of the park so go for it Capcom.


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Crazy how methodical controls are criticized so heavily. When I played RE in the late 90’s and early 00’s, I didn’t focus on how smooth character actions needed to be, but rather how a combination of certain button presses put me in a better situation. It was a hierarchy of gameplay mechanics versus having everything flow together with a push of a button. It’s hard to criticize RE4 when it was big shift in a new direction. You could fully utilize the precision aiming and you could turn around with a couple button presses.

Jumping in, in 2022 and criticizing it is a bit too late? We’ve had what, 15+ years to know exactly what RE4 did for horror fans and for the genre. Trying to convince us after all this time is weird. Of course we got improvements, of course things changed, but it also had to come from somewhere. We also don’t have a lot of titles doing what RE4 did. Hence why the Remake is a big deal for the fans. It’s also like asking a twitch shooter fan to play a game of chess and then criticize it because it’s not a twitch shooter.


I beat RE4 straight after Village, which funnily both took me exactly 10 hours. I liked the pacing of Village more.

RE4 has a lot of shit that didn't age well, but still I think this is a bold take. I however did not like the QTE, escort sequences and most of the island in general. There is also a lot of enemies the further you progress, sometimes a bit too much. Its really a TPS, but with some unique mechanics and tank controls. I liked it sure, but I think the remake is welcome though I would rather see a remake of RE1. I think the lore, setting and characters of RE1 are much better.


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I'd get it if you were talking about Tomb Raider or something, but RE4? It's hardly even tanky.


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RE4 is amazing.

RE4Make looks like it's shaping up well, too.

I don't think things age poorly so much as we all just get used to streamlined, industry accepted norms, like moving and shooting, or full camera rotation. The game wasn't designed around this. Tweaking one thing would require all other things to be tweaked. RE4 Remake will gave all the new concessions, but it's being designed from the ground up with contemporary philosophies.
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Nobody wants to admit it but deep down everybody knows it: Resident Evil 5 is a more fun videogame than Resident Evil 4.

Thats the real redpill.


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Nobody wants to admit it but deep down everybody knows it: Resident Evil 5 is a more fun videogame than Resident Evil 4.

Thats the real redpill.

You know it really fucking was. The forced co op is what gave everyone the stink face. If it wasn't present, or limited to an optional unlock able or base game mode, RE5 would be remembered for being a prettier, tighter, more streamlined experience than RE4.
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