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Rumor: Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster in development as well as Multiplayer Project based on Horizon


Horizon Impact should be announced at the showcase me thinks alongside the REMAKE to go along with the Netflix Series.


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Horizon is very important to Sony, it’s a game influenced by uncharted, Nier and other action open world games.


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You bought a PS5 to absorb that type of riveting dialog?
Original game is outdated when it comes to quality of assets, character models, facial and other animations, dialogue system, camera shots and other visual (and combat) improvements. It needs to be brought to the standards of Forbidden West without limitations of the PS4/Pro - basically what they're doing now with Burning Shores. I'll gladly buy the game again for the PS5.
I played Zero Dawn on Steam and it was way better than I expected, but I don't remember a single thing outside of the very good gameplay.
I also played Zero Dawn on PC and Forbidden West kills it on technical level. It's like UE4 vs UE5 with its way more realistic and extremely detailed assets (amongst other things), which weren't possible on the PS4/Pro but on top of that there's also gigantic improvement to dialogue system, camera shots, character models, animations and the way everything played out by actors, shot on camera etc.

It should be relatively easy for them to update assets and bring them and overall art direction to the next level, dialogues and cut-scenes needs to be completely re-shot (if they can't use already shot footage and make it work and look like in FW - sort of what ND did for TLOU Remake), cuz there's no half way here.
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Makes zero sense to remaster this game but Sony has done it with a few PS4 titles already this gen. They will keep doing it as long as people keep lining up to pay for them.
I would much rather see them make a proper remaster of the Killzone Trilogy in 4k. Call it the KILLZONE KOLLECTION.
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I really hate these cash grabs. There is real utility in porting the original to the most recent version of the game engine. That will happen here but it's all just an excuse to charge an absurd £$70 for a game everyone has already played. Part of me wishes that many old games that are part of a series all sort of marched in lock step together. That older titles could be brought up to the quality of sequels with updates released for free. There are so many opportunities for companies to revisit some of their old library and give them the fresh coat of paint needed to keep them relevant.
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Makes zero sense to remaster this game

Nah, I'd say this makes a lot of sense to remaster. The game moved millions of units and they want to continue to bring in more to the IP, it would make sense to do this with the Netflix show coming up.

Keep in mind, I'm not saying no to Killzone, merely that such a thing would require a ground up remake, not merely a remaster.

Horizon can get away with a remaster, it looks fucking amazing on PS4, would look stunning on PS5

Killzone 1 is made on 2000 hardware, Killzone 2 is made off of 2006 hardware...I just don't think a remaster would cut it with that IP currently, it needs a full blown remake. New engine, new lighting system etc.
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