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Sea of Thieves Hits 25 Million Players


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I'm not trying to dump on the game, or say that its not popular. Its purely that this practice of juking the figures in order to create hype makes it harder to judge the *real* big success stories in the market.

Its why I used FFXIV as a comparison, being the #1 MMO at right now and the most profitable entry in the storied history of the FF franchise, its success is legitimately noteworthy - especially given how abysmally bad its initial launch was.

So when this rocks up touting a bigger user-base for a broadly comparable offering... it kinda bugs me.
Maybe the premise of Sea Of Thieves simply appeals to more people than Final Fantasy. No need to jump to the conclusion that because you prefer FF and you know a lot of people who think the same then it MUST be that SOT has had it's numbers massaged in some way to inflate them.

You might not like Pirates, I have never played an FF game, I find the pure number of entries to be confusing and what I have seen of it doesn't seem appealing enough to take more interest in it. It's fine to have different preferences but no need to assume foul play when the mass market doesn't agree with you.
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