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The Official NeoGAF "Introduce Yourself" Thread


Jun 28, 2021
Elmore's covers is what drew me to the novels, stayed for the story.
I'm hoping there's a big budget loose adaptation for screen at some point.
Dragonlance dragons would be something different from GoT.
Cyan Bloodbane may have been on the cover that first caught my eye.

It's been a long time since I read these.
Could be a different green. That's the cover.

Immediate imagination.
Inspiration. Can see why it would influence your career. In a sense it did for me too as it got me to look deeper at philosophy.astronomy, history, sociology from opening the pages.

Vincent Price is a treasure. His performance in Masque of the Red Death makes it one of my all time favourites.
That's awesome! AHH I love those covers. Caramon, Tika and Raistlin look so great! I think my favourite from Elmore is Autumn Twilight. Love the warm, fall colours, and the stoic poses. Goldmoon's fierce attitude while wielding the mysterious blue crystal staff is absolutely fantastic.

But hey, since we have Autumn and Spring, might as well post Winter Night! Laurana Kanan was my middle school crush haha! Love the expressions, I feel like Elmore did a fantastic job at capturing them. I wasn't a huge fan of the updated versions, but they were still good. And I didn't much care for Clyde Caldwell's Dragonlance art.

I also read the Death Gate Cycle series! Love the story of Haplo. And Keith Parkinson's (Rest in peace) art was amazing. Just like you, I was captured by the cover art, and then blown away by the words. I met Margaret Weiss, Tracy Hickman and Larry Elmore at a Comic Con, but I mostly just embarrassed myself by gushing too much.

Hey, thank you for the trip down memory lane. I think I'm going to give these books another go sometime soon!

OH really quick, I know Brom!

He signed this for me! I got most of my early art practice in by copying all of these masters

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