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There are currently ‘no concrete plans’ for Shenmue 4, says Yu Suzuki


He's right, it sold poorly.
What he's trying to say is that unless Shenmue changes to cater to a bigger audience, there's no way Shenmue 4 will get funding.

Unfortunately Shenmue is a project that requires a big budget and a dedicated team, much like the Yakuza series.
It's impossible to do a big game with an indie budget.

Keep your hopes down.

The sad truth.
Yakuza/Judgement team working on Shen Mue would be amazing. More grounded combat though, side missions and some next level interaction and attention to detail.
Shen Mue wasnt linear, or open world. It was “FREE” Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment lol


Sega should just get RGG to remake shenmue 1&2 in dragon engine and build new interest in the IP and then make a real number 3.

As the Kickstarter shenmue 3 was very bad.
Honestly this would be the best case scenario. I’m still fuckin mad about my steam Kickstarter for 3 got jacked from me. And then the game fucking sucked anyway!!!!

RGG could legit resurrect this series.
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