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What game have you spent the most amount of hours on?


Battlefield 4 on PS4

Still play the only 2 Hardcore servers I can find to this day.

Battlefield 2042 can’t come soon enough.
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Rainbow Six Siege
Started playing in February 2017 and have over 2000 hours into it.

After that are several Battlefield titles and then the Elder Scrolls games since Morrowind.


Lineage 2. (played on and off for 15 years)
10k-20k hours in total?

Have been running for the lass 2 months again 24/7 or very close to it.
Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi, all my chars are lvl999!

But i still play some games since i was a kid, like sor series, etc...So i don't know exactly if was indeed Sumeragi.

Mr Hyde

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Dark Souls 3 - 1100 hours approx.

Bloodborne - 1000 hours approx.

I think I've put close to 3000 + hours into the whole franchise if you put all games together.

I love Souls.
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Probably Perfect Dark for N64 or Halo 2 on xbox.

Too bad steam didn't count my Arma2 mod-days, would be easily the most played game, including DayZ-Mod .
Same for CS 1.6 / Source.
Also not trackable is Battlefield 2 with its' mods, especially Project Reality with several hundred hours.

Steam only tracked CS:GO with ~2000h on both accounts, followed by DayZ SA with 300h and Arma3 wit 202h, but these two released after my gaming "prime time".
Did Steam not use to track time spent? I swear I spent more time in CSS back in the day.


Yeah, FFX is a huge game! Those side quests are insane, never had time to finish them all. The Blitzball games and the Monster Arena alone probably takes weeks
It was all worth it. Just too bad my save file corrupted as I was gearing up for the fight against Yu Yevon. :messenger_sad_relieved:

Just bought the FFX/X-2 remaster on XB1 so I'll give it a chance eventually.


GTA V - 1050 hours
Gran Turismo 3: A-spec - 900+ hours
RDR2 - 560 hours
GTA: San Andreas - 550 hours
Gran Turismo 2 - 500+ hours
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Hitman trilogy with around 500 hours. Did everything there was to possibly do. All challenges and escalations completed including all DLC content.
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Would be Pokémon blue on game boy classic , 100+ hours when I was a kiddo.
or Ghost or Tsushima , I keep playing even after 100%.

now mmorpgs , Aion Online. Played for years


Probably PSO, with most of that time being on the original Dreamcast game, though still at least a few hundred on GC and PC too.


no hour count for san andreas:multiplayer (samp), but i can say it would easily reach 2000-2500 hrs. it was addicting and fun. roleplays, free roam servers, race servers, deathmatch servers... endless fun. from 2008 to 2012, life was "SA:MP" for me

heroes of the storm at around 1500 hrs i think (rough estimation based on the amount of games i played. blizz do not track hours, for obvious reasons)

then comes the payday 2 @1000 hrs bcz we went for all achivements and stuff

nba 2k15 @ 1000 hrs (pc. i completely stopped playing nba 2k after 2k16 bcoz cheating issues were rampant and game became too much pay to win. only 60 hrs for 2k16 and no more 2k after that. i even considered getting a console just for nba 2k, but eventually scrapped the idea. bcoz 2k being too greedy)

tf2 @ 500 hrs

skyrim @ 350 hrs 7 different playthroughs

witcher 3 @ 225 hrs all dlc and stuff, extra gameplay as well

divinity 2 @ 150 hrs
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Yeah I think BF4 had the most of my hours as the early times of PS4 was pretty dry with games and BF4 filled it pretty well. The Witcher 3, AC Odyssey, AC Valhalla, MGSV come second at around 450 hours.
Were you there in the beginning when BF4 was broken? The memories of being trapped inside walls and people floating across the map were fun times..


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Were you there in the beginning when BF4 was broken? The memories of being trapped inside walls and people floating across the map were fun times..

I got it around December 2013, not sure if that is the beginning. I didn't play it on PS3 though, didn't encounter these problems as I remember :)


Probably counter strike in my teen years. I'm not sure how many hours. It has to be well over 1,000


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Recently? Animal Crossing New Horizons. I still boot it once a day and do 20 minutes worth of chores. All time is WOW.


Eyeshield 21 for the PS2. It's like the only game I played for 2 years straight and I pretty much played it all day every day for that span.


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City of Heroes. I didn't have the time tracked anywhere, but I played actively for 5 years and off and on when I was less active. Then I played some more when the bootleg private servers started up.

Non mmo would probably be Elder Scrolls Oblivion.


Siege, many years ago I hit about 4k hours. It wouldn't surprise me if I'm at like 6k hours now, give or take.


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Probably GTA5+Online because it has spanned 3 generations and I still play online now and again.
Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds... 4 hours a night for two straight years. And that's conservative. Let's say 3000 hours.

Next would be Phantasy Star Online. Between DC, GC, PC. 1500 hours maybe? I remember one summer about all I did was play it. lol I'd like that summer back


Unreal Tournament(PC)
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Borderlands 2
Dark Souls 1-3 (plus the remaster)
Herzog Zwei
Street Fighter 2(and the editions)
Street Fighter Alpha 1-3
Battlefield 4
Gears of War 1-3
Destiny series
The Division series
Mortal Kombat 2

Lord Panda

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Ultima VII - this game experience is always in the back of my mind. Would play this religiously at least once every year back in the day.


Civilisation IV - Digital crack.

Honourable mentions:

Deus Ex - like U7, would also play once a year back in the

StarCraft + Brood War - Still incredible to this day.

Diablo II - Would play this often with my friends, but now play it every couple of years with my wife.

Command and Conquer + Red Alert - Like StarCraft; RTS perfection. Still play it courtesy of the OpenRA project.

Chivalry - no other game makes me laugh and badass at the same time. Chivalry 2 is better in every way but let down by the broken matchmaking.

Master of Orion 2 - wasted so much time obliterating whole planets in this game.


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Probably spent like 250+ on Morrowind and 200+ on Oblivion.

I don't think I could ever spend over 300 hours on a game. I spent 200 The Witcher 3, it's a top 5 game ever for me, and I was even sick of that game when I was done with it. I couldn't tolerate another minute. My backlog is too long for me to be playing one game for 500 hours, I just couldn't do it. I get major FOMO and want to dive into other stuff and just overall get bored after a while no matter how great the game is.


I've probably spent more time on just my one most played character on WoW than every other game combined.
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The games I've probably spent the most time with is the Halo series, as I've completed all the games multiple times and put in tons of hours in multiplayer on the Xbox consoles, PC and mobile over the years. I've also put in tons of time into the Phantasy Star series, both single player and MMO over the years, but kinda slacking with PSO2/New Genesis (only 24 hours 😕) . Recently, I've put in a bunch of time in the Destiny series and Sea of Thieves.

My current top time sink games:
Sea of Thieves: 2,213 hours
Destiny: 1,917 hours
Destiny 2: 1,172 hours
Halo The Master Chief Collection: 858 hours
Elite Dangerous: 798 hours


Probably CoD4, never tracked it but I dare say it was a few hundred hours.

Maybe FF7 after that? The clocked stopped shortly before I stopped playing so it’s got to be over a hundred!
Like many of us I used to be pretty much addicted to vanilla WoW during my teen years. I think I spent at least 500 days of total play time all together.

It got to the point where I resolved to using sunglasses in complete darkness because my eyes hurt so much. This was before the time of blue light filter glasses but I'm pretty sure even that wouldn't have saved me.
Man, I don’t mean to be unkind but that is kind of depressing.

Even if you only factor in 10 hours a day for eating, sleeping, washing etc, that’s TWO AND A HALF FULL YEARS OF YOUR LIFE you’ve dedicated to playing a single video game.

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