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What game have you spent the most amount of hours on?


Like many of us I used to be pretty much addicted to vanilla WoW during my teen years. I think I spent at least 500 days of total play time all together.

It got to the point where I resolved to using sunglasses in complete darkness because my eyes hurt so much. This was before the time of blue light filter glasses but I'm pretty sure even that wouldn't have saved me.
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Vanilla WoW is by far the most for me. No idea, probably like 5.000 hours.

Other games where I'm close to or above 1.000 hours are: Counterstrike 1.0-1.6, Dota 2, Street Fighter 4

Everything else is way way below. Probably only some super long single player games like Persona 5R.


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Monster Hunter world 700 hours on steam and about 400 on PS4 before that.

Its kid numbers to what I have seen others play, but I tend to not to stick to one game. Got near 400 hours on plenty of other titles as well.
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Driveclub - 300
Street Fighter 4 and 5 - I'd say 2000
Halo 3 (since 2007) - 1000
Jagged Alliance 2 - ♾
Call of Duty and Battlefield games - ♾


Probably Rocket League. About 2000 hours across PC and Xbox. And I am still shit at the game.

My 'addiction' to this game has waned over about a year and I appreciate other games now.

The game I was most addicted to before that was CS1.6 and CS Source. I have fond memories of those times.
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Hearthstone - around 3500 hours
Phantasy Star Online (gc + pc) - 1500 hours across all my characters
Street Fighter IV series - 1000s of hours across different iterations
Shadowverse - 700 hours
Super Smash Bros. Melee - 600-700 hours


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Diablo 2 played almost everyday when I was 13-18, (almost exclusively) so probably 3000 hours minimum?
First Dark Souls 1000+
Overwatch around 600

Rest of the games would be much less.
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Thousands of hours of which I don’t know which one is the most between Diablo 2, Counterstrike, MU Online, Ragnarok Online, Dota and League of Legends.


Borderlands 1. Beat the game as every character, got all backpack SDU’s, did all DLC’s, farmed Armory and Crawmerax, co-opped with my kids, etc. No regrets. Sequels sucked ass tho.


Probably smash bros melee for unlocking mewtwo by playing it for 72 hours, maybe mario 64 and bioshock, dont know the exact hours but finished mario 64 on every console that its been on and finished buoshock about 4 times

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Lord of the Rings Online - F2P (2010+)
unlocked everything for free (Turbine Points), every zone (except Forochel, Everswim), every expansion, every deed except monster play, per character (3 in total)
My main was a guardian with terrible ST/AOE-dps

In retrospect:
dumb, but also cathartic


WoW. was lucky enough to get a tech job working from home since 2005. played from end of vanilla to Cataclysm. averaged about 4 hours a day 5 days a week. whatever that math is.


Around 1400 hours in D2
Around 300 hours in D1
700+ hours in Halo 5
400+ hours in Halo MCC
300+ hours in Borderlands 2
300+ hours in Titanfall

etc etc


Star Wars The Old Republic - ~720 hours
White Knight Chronicles 2 - 424 hours
Grim Dawn - 303 hours
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The Championship Manager games before they became Football Manager. Specifically 99/00, 00/01 and 01/02. Genuinely dread to think how many thousands of hours I spent on those. Comfortably 5k+ I reckon. 😅

More recently, across Xbox and Steam, I've got well over 3000 hours in Destiny and Destiny 2 combined.

Kev Kev

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vermintide 2
fallout 4

i have no idea how many hours each. skyrim is easily over 1,000, vermintide 2 and fallout 4 are probably close to 1,000 but definitely not as much as skyrim.
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Another one for WoW, had over 250 days played when I finally quit in about 2013. When I had it all other games ceased to exist.

After that I'd say Sea of thieves would be next longest at 3-400 hours.
I don't think MP GAAS games should be counted as those will always be higher.

But for a single-player game I would say The Witcher 3 -- 250 hours or so

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Battlefield 4

Last time I checked I had over 1500 hours - It's my favorite multiplayer game of all time.


For single player it would probably have to be this - I've played through War of the Chosen 5 or 6 times
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DayZ: 1,8k hrs

Too bad steam didn't count my Arma2 mod-days, would be easily the most played game, including DayZ-Mod .
Same for CS 1.6 / Source.
Also not trackable is Battlefield 2 with its' mods, especially Project Reality with several hundred hours.

Steam only tracked CS:GO with ~2000h on both accounts, followed by DayZ SA with 300h and Arma3 wit 202h, but these two released after my gaming "prime time".
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