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What games do you feel people overrate too much?


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Streets of Rage 1.

WIki says this game got about 90% from most game sites. I thought it was a crap game. Aside from the great music, it had bad graphics, terrible sound effects and scratchy voices, repetitive beyond belief and the characters had hardly any moves.

Not a bottom of the barrel game, but no better than an average game on Genesis at the time.

You're telling me this game is a 90%?

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From Software games. They dont overrate how good the games are. I think they are good, maybe even great. But they overrate their importance and their innovation.
i think everyone is beyond sick of ppl coming into every game reveal or review thread and mentioning how "such and such is like a souls games" When everything souls games do existed before the series was ever conceived.

again im waiting for someone to explain to me why Last of Us is a good game. And not a mediocre zombie game with high production, good art direction and voice acting. Its a SyFy movie of the week with bad gameplay wrapped in a really pretty package. But most importantly it has that Naughty Dog logo and "PS exclusive" on the box...which inflated the score in everyones minds. Meanwhile State of Decay was a much better zombie game that released the same week. And playing both at the time, i had way more fun with that budget indie game pos than Last of Us.
Why should someone explain to you why TLOU is a great game just so that you can regurgitate your opinion above
Reminder, this is all opinions , so no need for lame insults if you disagree with people. These are the games I feel get overrated a lot (Another Note: I do not think these games are bad, actually I think they are great, high quality games, but the amount of praise they get and calling these games "best games ever made" are things I heavily disagree with).

Breath of the Wild: Yes, its a great game ,but its not close to being the best games of all time, I don't think I would put it on my top 20 , I don't think its the best 3D Zelda game , and hell I don't think its the best game that came out that year. BOTW has some big flaws that hinder it (very little enemy variety, no real dungeons, empty feeling open world). But after saying all that , its still a great game, I think I would it as a 7.5, 8/10.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Storytelling is amazing, but the game plays horribly, I would give it an 8/10

Witcher 3: I love this game and would put it in my top 10, but yeah , combat play is really bad (Thankfully to me its the only big issues in the game), I would give it a 9/10
Ubisoft style open world games like Assassin's Creed, Horizon, Ghost of Tsushima, Far Cry etc.

I'd rather see more Bethesda style open world games like Skyrim and Kingdom Come Deliverance.


Like every Sony exclusive in recent memory as well as the Ubisoft open world games.

The most overrated game of all time tho imo might be Skyrim.
I think especially when you strip mods away, it's just a very shallow and empty game.
The voice acting and writing is also extremely stiff to the point it comes across as inhuman and weird and they reduced the RPG elements a lot over the years.
Skyrim honestly feels less like a RPG to me and more like an open world Far Cry-esque game with side quests.

I know that this was a thing in Morrowind and Oblivion too, but I also don't like the whole '' be everything at once '' thing.
Imo ESO is a way better open world RPG even as singleplayer than Skyrim, but it also kinda has that problem and it has lead to the classes feeling like they lack identity.
I also hate the weapon switching to put down a bunch of junk AoE with a bow as melee or switching to another staff to cast different skills, it just feels like a console limitation transfered over to PC ( somehow FFXIV manages with way more skills on console tho... ).

Skyrim is just downright ugly to look at too imo, both the people and the world.
Everything and everyone kinda just looks like someone pooped on them, Oblivion wasn't exactly a looker but I'd rather take the silly whimsical and comedic look than Skyrim.

Elden Ring! Too soon?

Honestly I'd agree except for the world.
Elden Ring has the most visually impressive open world ever created imo in terms of art direction, it took my breath away so many times and I generally don't like open world games.

However Elden Ring is significantly more full of bullshit than previous games and unfun mechanics and performance issues.
I really think that the open world they created carried it by a pretty big margin.

Before anyone goes '' l2p '', I beat it in like 2-3 days I can't remember exactly I lost track of time a little too, and I've played all of the others more than most... I am good at the games, it's not a l2p issue.
The game just had a lot of bullshit in it.

Edit: Also it has a pretty crazy delay on the dodging, I am unsure if it's a bug or intended but it has been demonstrated to be a thing by people who did a lot of testing.
Your character doesn't actually dodge when you press the button, the delay is bigger than in the past games.
There was a lot of times I died because of that and it felt terrible because I knew for a fact that I dodged in time but the i-frames just didn't start quickly enough because of the delay.
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