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Xbox Games Showcase Announced for June 11 before the Starfield Show

Hype check time!

  • Phil won't let us down, he always delivers!

    Votes: 18 13.2%
  • It won't be difficult to surpass the Sony shitshow in any case.

    Votes: 65 47.8%
  • Phil my boy, this is your last chance of redemption.

    Votes: 29 21.3%
  • It will suck, can't convince me otherwise.

    Votes: 19 14.0%
  • First-party stuff only or bust!

    Votes: 5 3.7%

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If we don't get Fable at this show it will probably be at the game awards at the end of the year, maybe they want extra time for a good showing? Meh

Me if no Fable at showcase.....

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We had Matt Booty saying he saw Fable last year, loved what he saw and wants to show it, but PG wasn't ready. Let's hope they are now. It's three years now, almost.


Hmm, personally not sure. Honestly not that bothered about Fable.

I want The Wondering Tower. For the graphics geek, I want to also Project Mara even if I am not expecting it to be a great game.

I think it's gonna depend on how much they show this time around. Last year they had that whole 12 months thing going on, according to insiders they won't this time around. But if Fable is not 2024, then I doubt they will show it. They should though, PG is good for it.

Dr. Claus

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He's saying it's human nature to have preferences, or favourites and rooting for your favourites.

Y'all are acting like this guy is talking rocket science. He's making solid, valid points...but only if you take the entire conversation into account. If you pick and choose the points you want to form your arguments around, sure he's talking crap and you guys are right. Unfortunately though, the points many of you have focused on aren't the only or even the main point he's made.

Nothing I stated was in-correct and his words do not match his actions. There is having preferences, for example I Prefer to buy AC games on Xbox and RPGs on Switch and narrative focused titles on PS. Doesn't mean I outright ignore the other platforms like he did. He was a sad little warrior who got butthurt because people are calling out MS for dropping the ball a decade straight now.
True incompetence is comparing the development cycle (team size + support studios, budget size, etc) of The Last of Us 2 or, of all things, GTA6 to Hellblade 2 which is being made by a team (in their words) 'roughly twice the size' as the one that did Hellblade 1 (which would put it at 40 people).

And whose fault is that? Exactly Microsoft. Whose fault is it that MS is 100% hands off of their own studio? That is literally the definition of gross incompetence.
The problem is the fanbase like you letting them off the hook.
Xbox Series dev kits became available in late 2019 (remember, Hellblade 2 isn't a cross-gen dev cycle)..this is while they were doing multiple VR projects and trying to get Bleeding Edge out the door.
And whose fault was it that MS's own studio worked on Bleeding Edge rather than focusing on Hellblade 2?
Covid sent everyone home in spring 2020 for an entire year without any ability to do motion/performance capture (which is obviously a huge chunk of a cinematic game with all new assets).
They didnt get back together until June 2021 in their new facility; which is exactly when full production began.
Not to mention, they've been developing Project Mara in Tandem.

The ignorance of some of you people to assume these people are just sitting around 'getting mismanaged'..just look this shit up if you really want to know whats been happening.

Excuses excuses excuses. Bro its been 10 years since Phil took over. Stop with the excuses.
I bought the XO because I wanted to play Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break (My XO collected dust and only turned it on to play COD, Fifa and Mortal Kombat with friends).
There's literally nothing out today that I would get a XS for even if i didn't have a PC.
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They may as well cancel the Xbox show and just do the 30 minute Starfield showcase.

The showcase was weak.
I don't want to say week.

I am glad as a PC and Xbox guy that many games shown are also multiplatform in a way or another.

For Microsoft, the bar was sat low for them by Sony to blow our expectations. They shouldn't fuck this up.

Dr. Claus

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They may as well cancel the Xbox show and just do the 30 minute Starfield showcase.

The showcase was weak.

Agreed. The only really exciting announcements were third party. We got, what? 2 GAAS cancer games with FairTrades or wahtever and Marathon, and a co-op rogue-lite with Helldivers 2? Oh and we get Siderman 2 which looks exactly like Spiderman 1. So yea, nothing too exciting there.

MGSDelta, Talon Principel 2, Ghostrunner II, a few others like GranBlue relink - those were what was exciting.

Fucking Hell Sony fails to do good presentations.


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Literally all Microsoft has to do is show off all of their 1st party titles, and their show will be better than Sony's.

3rd party is an appetizer, not the main course. Wtf was Sony even thinking?
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This just needs, like, 3 stellar first-party games and a handful of interesting big-budget 3rd party titles to be leagues better than Sony's show.



More than 2 weeks left until Xbox show what they've got. Considering the lack of actual first party titles at the Sony press-conference, I totally expect Phil to take advantage of the situation and announce tons of stuff, even if it's just CGI teasers.
Still pretty low, they have disappointed me too many times in the past. Still, I Hope it’s great of course.
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Redfall hopefully woke them up. If any of the games they have been working on show well, they will be considered very successful. There was so much 3rd party multiplatform shown at PS that hopefully Xbox will have a 1st party focus.


Just when you think it can’t get any worse, Xbox will deliver an even bigger stinker. Even if they show promising games like last year (Silksong/Starfield/FM8) they’ll do something to sully the experience like blatantly lying about release windows.


Let's say...they have high chance to have better showcase.
Just show Hellblade 2, Starfield, Forza, Avowed, Contraband and few other first-party games WITH RELEASE DATES (or release windows). GAMEPLAY of course
And we are golden.
They've been in this position before and still manged to fuck it up. I honestly don't think it would take much at all to beat sonys showcase but like Phil himself said, we can't keep taking his word - the games need to be in our hands.


I'm luke cold on Starfield, but I'm expecting more from Xbox now, so a C, following Sony's D..
If Starfield looks improved gunplay wise and performance wise from last year's showcase, and Microsoft manages to give concrete release dates for Hellblade 2 and one other IP like Avowed or Fable, then there really is no competition.


It will probably be better than Sony's, but will probably be a piece of shit anyway.

I hope it's not the case because Sony should be ashamed of their showcase and no competition will only make things worse.


They only need to show one game, considering only thing sony showed was spiderman 2, the rest of the average games where multiplatform and will be coming to xbox and pc


They can't do worse than today surely. I know they have made fuck ups after fuck ups for over a decade now and this gen is already a lost cause but they have golden opportunity to build some sort of momentum. A good showing from Avowed and Starfield will topple the monstrosity of a showcase Sony delivered.
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