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You can only choose one console to take to a deserted island, but....


Probably Series X.

& Post only says I can bring the console and the exclusives titles.

Nothing says I can't order or buy more games & consoles whilst on this paradise Island. 👀

Hell I'll turn it into my own holiday home island ;D
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Can i take the cast of DOAX Volleyball magically turned into real woman with me? A volleyball is optional.


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To those people who picked PS2:

So this an island you will be stuck on the rest of your life. Are there really that many original PS2 games that you would want to replay over and over once you beat them?


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Mass Effect would not qualify, being always a multiplatform game from the start.
umm what? Mass Effect was originally published by Microsoft, before EA bought Bioware. The original Mass Effect released in PS3 in 2012. It was originally only a Xbox 360 game.
By your logic MGS 2 would not count because it eventually became multiplat.


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Original Game Boy. All the games are originals, as the ports had to be demakes and therefore count as originals as well. Assuming that in your example, op, I’m getting ALL the available games, I’m good for a few decades of fun. Especially with Tetris. Other pros: Deserted islands tend to be quite harmful to tech. The game boy survived the gulf war. He will work even years later.


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XSX, due to backwards compatibility, I would have my favorite games from previous gen.

Otherwise I would probably took PC and I would have ALL THE GAMES


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Probably the Nintendo DS, that's a hard library to beat. If not that, it would certainly be a Nintendo handheld, their libraries soar above home consoles in terms of exclusives.


I'm surprised no one picked Neo Geo, I can't think of a better choice if you don't mind just playing 2D games.
150+ all original games, some of the best replayable 2D games of all time.
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Well, definitely not the Xbox 360. With the tropical temperatures of an island, that thing would RROD on the first day.


Definitely have to be Ps2, all things considered.

1) Massive Library
2) Pre- patches, so most games better out of box
3) Still watch DVDs at least, lol


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I'd probably bring the Switch. For starters, it'd mean I wouldn't have to bring a TV. But there's also:

Xenoblade Chronciles 2 & Torna & 3
Picross S1 - S8
Fire Emblem 3 Houses
Animal Crossing New Horizons
Pokemon (Sword, Shield, Violet, Scarlet)
Astral Chain
Smash Bros Ultimate
Splatoon 2 & 3

And probably dozens, if not hundreds, of games I'm forgetting about. Not sure if Breath of the Wild counts given it's simultaneous WiiU release, but if allowed that'd also be a good get (along with the upcoming sequel which I assume will be exclusive).


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I would take whatever one I could use on a raft. Nintendo Switch. Use the online to send an SOS to save my sorry ass for getting myself in such a precarious situation in the first place assuming this thing is not in the middle of no where.

There has to be electricity on the "deserted island" if I'm taking a console, so I assume it can't be as deserted as OP presumes. Console needs to be wireless and have wifi so don't have to eat coconuts the rest of my life.

You guys say you play games...yet I don't see anybody using the critical thinking they learned from gaming to figure this shit out. Shame on you.
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Might be Genesis for me.

Tons of arcade and actions games from Sega. Also Sega Sports. Baseball and football games were solid. Even Arnold Palmer Golf was good.


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I'd remove the hardware inside and use the case as a raft to sail back to civilization where I could play all the games I want.


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ima just ignore OP entire point and say launch PS3 cause its BC to PS2 and PS1 lol

It probably would be the PS2 though. Lots of amazing titles.

Silent Hill 2,3 and 4, Fatal Frame 1-3, Resident Evil 4, Outbreak 1 and 2, Onimusha 1-4, DMC1-3, MGS2 and 3, Viewtiful Joe 1-2, Xenosaga 1-3 (greatly underrated games), Max Payne 1-2, GTA3-GTASA, Bully, God Of War 1-2, Ico, Yakuza 1-2, Persona 3 and 4, FFX and FFXII, KH1 and 2, KH CoM remix, Ratchet, Sly, Jak, GT series, Tekken series, Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Okami, God Hand, Splinter Cell, NFS Underground series and on and on.

PS2 is the GOAT for a reason and imho it is the start of modern gaming as we know it in regards to design and production value as a lot of those ideas became pretty staple.

This is a generation I feel that will be chased for eternity as so many new IP, so many classic series.
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Jak series, Sly series, Ratchet series, God of War, MGS2 and 3, GTA (series? Did VC/SA launch simultaneously on Xbox?), Silent Hill series, Guitar Hero 1 (and 2?)

It's missing Crash, Spyro, and Resident Evil, but I think PS2 has to take it. Only the PS1 comes close for me.
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