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Almost a year into the generation, what has been your favourite game so far?


On the PS5, so far NOTHING has come close to replicating the feeling that ASTRO'S PLAYROOM gave me when I first played it launch weekend.
This. Maybe it was the hype of a new console but I genuinely felt my love for gaming returning with this title.

Hoping for a full blown game! 🙏🏻


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Demon's Souls
Psychonauts 2
Metroid Dread
Halo Infinite multiplayer flight (so expecting the final release to replace this of course)
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Man, I don't know. I just feel like nothing has really done it for me this year.

I played through the MSQ post-Shadowbringers. Maybe that.

Neo: TWENTY was pretty good. I can't remeber if I played Like a Dragon this year...so maybe that as well?
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Not even lying


Other than that I played a lot of last gen games on it, finished Nier Automata etc...Kind of behind.


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Demon's Souls Remake, Deathloop, and Hitman 3 are my top 3 so far.

I haven't played Returnal or R&C Rift Apart yet.
I have both new gen consoles, and came in the thread looking for something worth playing. I'm leaving pretty disappointed. This has to be the worst 1st year of any console cycle. R&C was great, but awe inspiring? No. I put about 4 hours into Returnal and didn't feel like I'd made any progress so I returnaled it. I should pick up demon souls used at game stop and see how I like it.
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One thing's for sure it's been a very good year this year.
It takes two, psychonauts 2, Metroid dread.

It's been the best year for me in a long time. Actusllly games focused on gameplay!


Demon's Souls. I've beat it about a dozen times, gotten the Platinum and even the Penetrator armor set. Easily the most engaging game released this gen.


I don't understand this thread. I see cross-gen (Village), old-gen (Dread) and next-gen (Returnal) all mixed. Are we choosing our preferred game after the new consoles have been released?
Riftbreaker! I’m enjoying the shit out of that game.

Also loved Cyberpunk despite the bugs and cut content (although I played it on PC)
I don't understand this thread. I see cross-gen (Village), old-gen (Dread) and next-gen (Returnal) all mixed.
Yeah, I don't get why it's so hard for people to understand that we're talking about games for the systems that have been out for less than a year. I believe it's 1 of 2 reasons. They can't find the new gen in stock, so they haven't played any new gen games, but they still want to participate in this thread. Or there are no good games for the new gen so they pick switch games instead. Me, I'm trying to find out why the fuck I own these 2 damned consoles.
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Best game for me has Demons Souls (first play through) however Returnal was my biggest surprise. I had low expectations going in but boy was i wrong, great game.

Codes 208

Demon souls for whats already available and from the flight, i would wager halo infinite is going to take my no. 1 spot

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Demon's Souls I guess.

Didn't purchase Ratchet or Returnal. Bored with Mr. Morales, and that's a cross-gen game anyway.
On the Xbox side, not a ton of exclusive next-gen stuff yet but Flight Sim is not for me. I'm looking forward to Forza H 5 a lot in the coming days. Halo is not for me, but I'll probably play the campaign. And Halo and Forza are also cross-gen. The Ascent is also cross-gen.

Pretty slim pickings. If we include cross-gen stuff the list changes.
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Astro Bot for PS5, and I'd guess Forza Horizon 5 for Series X.

But for me personally, despite owning these next-gen beasts, cross-gen and prior or current-gen releases are still my bread and butter. There have been some great releases though.
Yakuza Like a Dragon is among my absolute favorites. Voice of Cards is great, Psychonauts 2, Undernauts has been good so far, Tales of Arise, Neptunia X Senran, Fatal Frame 5, Mario Party Superstars and House of Ashes have been good fun with my gf, Mechwarrior 5 had me hooked for a good few months.

I also really enjoyed my time with Aliens:FE, The Ascent, AI The Insomnium Files(Xbox), Astria Ascending, Far Cry 6, Fuga Melodies of Steel, The Good Life, Huntdown, Nier Replicant, Tormented Souls, Wasteland 3. I fully expect SMT to take my Switch honors next month. There are plenty more I've not listed that I really enjoyed, and a TON that are oldschool that me and the lady have been going through. Its great seeing her grow as a gamer beating schmups and beat 'em ups, that sense of accomplishment. Mario Tennis Aces was great fun too, she'd get so intense during doubles matches against the cpu. We also went through the House of Ashes Anthology in order and she really enjoyed them, funny watching her get spooked. Its been a good year, gaming wise at least. She's currently making me go through Fatal Frame with her, cause she doesn't want to play alone lol.


All in all, it would have to be returnal. It has a quality to it, especially the gun play, that makes it very...moorish. i keep going back.


Ratchet and Clank Rift apart.
Best game this year for me. Excellent in all areas. I wish I could play at least one game like this every year
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