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Unless the console is like 50%+ less compared to one which support physical games, I don't think digital only ones are ever worth it.

Buying used, reselling, being able to lend and borrow games as well as being able to buy your games from a variety of different places and take advantage of all sales and promotions on the retail market is worth way more than the $100 discount on the hardware.

The ownership thing is just overblown IMO.

It’s widely known and discussed that discs are just licenses.

You’re grandchild won’t want to inherit your wall of virginity. They will be playing PS8 games. If your grandad gave you a load of random 40s/50s/60s vinyls and 90s VHS tapes, 99% of people aren’t touching that shit.

If you want to play your old games when you are 70, just pirate them. It will be as easy as SNES emulation is today.

Physical is only important today for the ability to sell your games. Longevity or ‘not owning it’ doesn’t mean anything. If MS/Sony really want to kill physical they just need to give you the ability to sell your key on an open market and they can have a 20% cut.

It's overblown, until one big storefront closes down/goes bankrupt, gets sold and changes their terms for the worse, or you have some problem with your account.

Like just last month Amazon locked my account for no apparent reason. They asked me for some documentation which I sent and their reply was basically "sorry can't help you". I've called twice to try and regain access to my account and not only have they yet do anything, no one has even been able to explain to me why it got locked in the first place.
I don't want to loose access to hundreds or potentially thousands worth of games because of something like that, nor does it make me feel comfortable about buying a console that basically locks me into a monopoly where I can only buy from a- single vendor.
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Been a digital boi for decades now.

Gimme dat convenience.

But will say, digi only consoles really only make sense w/ a much better form factor or price. Personally don't think digi PS5 is all that worth it.. but still wanted one, and have never actually thought of using a disk on it. And the one time my wife was like "wait I can't loan you my disk version of *insert game here*" I just went and bought whatever it was for $10 and said "who cares?" lol
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Digital only consoles are just PCs without the benefits.
I only buy discs still to take some of the storage load off my consoles and/or if I really, really love the game. I've definitely been buying less and less physical, but for anything 15gb and up I'll still get the cart/disc.
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I have an almost new copy of zelda for snes. It's wierd though, I don't seem to play it.

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Imagine getting all defensive and trying to promote the lack of choices. Scott is right and some of the folks in this thread I think may have a few screws loose.

Digital is a great *option*. It should never be the only way to play. Digital only consoles have and always will be fucking retarded.

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The enemy of physical games is space in your house. And the enemy of digital games is account deleted.

The difference is "YOU". You are the one who will have to make the decision, which one will you spend with the rest if your life. Filling out your house with junk games, or living in fear that your account will be deleted.

I am lucky that all my games are digital. I can't imagine 600 games in the shelf. That is too much physical copies.
Games don't take up that much space, to be honest. Consoles do, however.


My kids are little (under 10) and I don't trust them to swap discs without hurting the system or the disc. Plus, GamePass / Cloud gaming. All digital rules in our family.
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