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Fighting Games Weekly | Dec 30 - Jan 5 | Rest in peace, Nelson "Remix" Reyes


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Week of December 30th, 2013 to January 5th, 2014.

Fighting Games Weekly is the weekly discussion thread for all things fighting games. News, events, streams, videos, players, drama, everything fighting game related.

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Last week's thread. An archive of previous FGW threads is available here.​

Last week, on December 23rd, 2013, the fighting game community lost Nelson Reyes, better known to many viewers as EMP Remix. Going by "the most electrifying man in digital sports entertainment," Reyes was a prominent member in the Marvel vs. Capcom community, known best for being a seasoned veteran in the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 scene. Our hearts are with Reyes' family and friends during these tragic times.

A memorial fund has been set up to help Reyes' grandmother with funeral costs, and if you wish to help out, you can donate at this link. A charity tournament will also be held this coming weekend to help with funeral costs, which is detailed below.​

Kings of New York [ Donation Link ] [ Saturday ] [ 4PM EDT | 1PM PDT ]
  • Mashfest and Defend The Work work together to bring viewers a 3v3 UMvC3 tournament, with proceeds going towards helping Nelson "Remix" Reyes' grandmother, to help cover the costs of his funeral following his untimely passing last week.
  • Proceeds from the tournament and donations will go towards helping Reyes' grandmother with memorial costs, estimated at $15000.
  • Schedule, fees and more information is available here.
Marvel Remix [ Donation Link ] [ Saturday ] [ 8PM EDT | 5PM PDT ]
  • Super Arcade hosts a memorial fund for Nelson "Remix" Reyes' grandmother, to help cover the costs of his funeral following his untimely passing last week.
  • Proceeds from the tournament and donations will go towards helping Reyes' grandmother with memorial costs, estimated at $15000.
  • Games, schedule and more information is available here.
Resurrection Series [ Saturday ] [ 9PM PDT | 6PM PDT ]

Super Desperation Radio [ 9:30PM EDT | 6:30 PDT ]
  • Hellpockets and various other members of the KoF community discuss KoF and happenings in the FGC.
Marvel Mondays [ 10PM EDT | 7PM PDT ]
  • Out of the ashes of The BOX Arena, comes the San Diego FGC's newest organized weekly for UMvC3.
UltraChenTV: First Attack & Lv3 Focus [ 11:30PM EDT | 8:30PM PDT ]
  • Weekly FGC show dedicated to match analysis, teaching, commentary, news, debates, and more! Hosted by UltraDavid and James Chen.

Kachitagari TV (JP) [ 9PM JST | 8AM EDT | 5AM PDT ]
  • Bon-chan, Kazunoko and Fuudo's new show, focusing primarily on SSFIV AE ranked matches but is branching off into other games as well.
  • NYC VF crew presents VF5:FS tournaments casuals out of The Next Level arcade in Brooklyn.
The Break Weekly [ 8PM EDT | 5PM PDT ]
  • New Jersey's largest weekly featuring UMvC3 and Injustice.
The On Blast Show [ 10PM EDT | 7PM PDT ]
  • JamessMK & DarKNaTaS host a raw and uncut weekly talk show discussing events in the FGC with various FGC personalities.
UltraChenTV: The Tuesday Show [ 11:30PM EDT | 8:30PM PDT ]
  • Weekly FGC show dedicated to match analysis, teaching, commentary, news, debates, and more! Hosted by UltraDavid and James Chen.
The Show That Sucks [ 1AM EDT (following day) | 10PM PDT ]
  • iPlaywinner hosts a weekly talk show featuring alpha stream monsters Harrison and Honzo Gonzo.

Game Spot Versus KoF Casuals (JP) [ 7PM JST | 6AM EDT | 3AM PDT ]
  • KoF 1998UM, KoF 2002UM and KoF XIII C action from Japan.
  • Description needed.
Next Level Battle Circuit [ 8PM EDT | 4PM PDT ]
  • NYC's biggest weekly at The Next Level Arcade in Brooklyn featuring SSFIV AE, UMvC3 and TTT2. If the Teamsp00ky link is not working, it is likely on the backup stream on Arturo's channel.
Melee It On Me [ 9PM EDT | 6PM PDT ]
  • A bi-weekly Smash podcast discussing recent events, news and issues in the Smash community, hosted by Scar, Prog, Cactuar and Sheridan.
Wednesday Night Fights [ 12AM EDT (following day) | 9PM PDT ]

Ghost Battle Series [ 9PM CST | 10PM EDT | 7PM PDT ]
  • Galloping Ghost Arcade presents an Injustice weekly out of Chicago.
The Fray [ 10PM EDT | 7PM PDT ]
  • A weekly FGC talk show hosted by iPlaywinner, featuring a varying, ensemble cast of prominent members of the fighting game community.
  • Aris' new weekly show, discussing whatever he wants to! The format resembles old ATP podcasts.
The Runback Season 4 [ 12AM EDT (following day) | 9PM PDT ]

KaoTV! (JP) [ 11PM JST | 10AM EDT | 7AM PDT ]
  • A weekly Skullgirls event hosted by members of the Skullgirls development team, often featuring preview builds of the game.

None at the moment.​

GGPO VanBats [ 4PM EDT | 1PM PDT ]
  • Weekly GGPO Vampire Savior ranbats streamed by GAFer Rotanibor.
Super Smash Sundays [ 4PM EDT | 1PM PDT ]
  • Level|Up and Team OXY partner up to create a new weekly for the SoCal Melee community, featuring doubles and singles.

On GAF we have various members that stream fighting games from time to time too. If you would like to add your channel to this thread, send me a PM.
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If you have any suggestions for the OP, please do not hesitate to post in this thread or PM me to let me know.
My favourite Remix moment.
Also my favourite Lee Chung and Sanford moment

Wow, I remember watching this when Marvel 3 first made it's debut. I remember Sanford shitting on the game, and agreeing with him for the most part, but I still played the game and gave it a chance. After EVO 2011, I resigned to the fact that the game was stupid and dropped it. Then Ultimate Marvel 3 came out and I decided to give the game a second chance. After about five months I again resigned to the fact that the game was stupid and dropped it again.

Rest in peace, Remix.


a review on that mit fighting game thing

50 Shades of Grey. The Adventures of Pluto Nash. Ferngully.

The greatest stories ever told now have new company with the release of this amazing publication. Congratulations to Todd Harper, whose works now join an extraordinary league of media.

Though not as lengthy as the time Jane Goodall worked with the chimpanzees, Todd Harper was able to observe the natives of the FGC in their natural habitat. For an entire night, rare species like Africanus Americanus, Latino Americanus, and even Asian Americanus were seen playing fighting games in peace. Todd then spent 1 hour trying to understand their language, and was confused when he was called "free" for wiggling his "fightstick" and "mashing" buttons during blockstun in "Aquapizza," the flagship title of the fighting game community. He even attempted to communicate with them using proper English before going home and reading various kotaku publications instead. In addition to his grueling firsthand experience, he used approximately 31 minutes of difficult research using the Google search engine.

Todd's deep understanding of the American arcade culture's metamorphosis into the modern fighting game community is truly remarkable. He presents a wealth of resources in an easy to understand format for the reader. His breakdown of twitch.tv chats are incredibly insightful, and help illustrate the picture of the common FGC native.

The culture of Digital Fighting Games: Performance and Practice is an amazing piece that helps civilized people in the eSports community understand the sexist, misogynistic, and barbaric ways of the Fighting Game community. This work shows that despite their long history of grassroots competition, various goodwill projects, and rich, diverse ethnic makeup, the FGC is a flawed, violent machine that needs to be tamed by the eSports legions. The team behind this publication will go down in history and will never be forgotten.



God damn Lee Chung rofl, where is that sound effect from he keeps doing? I have heard it so many times when I was a kid but I forgot where its actually from.

Lol it's from Austin powers

No. It's the ESPN thing (one of them). I know what you are talking about, but that's not it.


its clearly the sportscenter sound effect

how are you a human and dont know that sound?



its clearly the sportscenter sound effect

how are you a human and dont know that sound?
Jeesh dude lol I always thought that was the Austin powers sound effects but I guess I was wrong and last I check I'm human. Actually I'm not convinced otherwise yet
So… did you find anything in that post I spent 40 + minutes on helpful, or what?
Believe it or not, after refreshing the thread all morning, I missed it! Thanks for letting me know. It is funny what you can miss in a page. I am reading it now. I read the first few paragraphs and already gained some insight. Thank you.


Slayer of Combofiends
Hope your last moments alive before your seizure were moments where you were enjoying life. Take a good rest man.
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