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Fighting Tournament Weekend: EGX,


infexious.jpg is a funny nickname. i didn't realise he has a very straight poker face until logan mentioned about it earlier


top 8
winners side

gamerbee (necalli) vs phenom (necalli)
will2pac (laura) vs ryan hart (ken)

losers side
hurricane (cammy) vs nuki (chun)
daifraud (ryu) vs packz (karin)


Was in one of the weatherspoons in the NEC while taking a lunch break from walking around egx. Looked behind me for a sec, Daigo and Bonchan (and I'm assuming jiyuna altho idk) were sitting there having lunch xD I didn't bother them. Was cool to see them in the flesh though. I didn't visit the fight zone this year, just didn't have the time. Will book more days next year I think.


It would be nice if Nuki won the whole thing.
Nuki or Ryan Hart.

Of course, Gamerbee could just repeat and open another global spot.

It'll fuck up Nuki and Ryan Hart chances and help GO1 who is currently on the outside looking in on the global CPT boards for a global spot.
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