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God of War Ragnarok is Being Review Bombed

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PlayStation exclusive game God of War Ragnarok is being review bombed on review aggregate site Metacritic. God of War Ragnarok released last month to widespread critical acclaim, becoming the second-highest rated game of the year, right behind FromSoftware's Elden Ring. While the game has been well-received by fans and critics alike, it now appears to be the subject of a review bombing effort.

The God of War Ragnarok review bombing effort has dragged its PS5 user score down to a 7.9, while the PS4 version is currently at 6.1. For comparison, the critic score for God of War Ragnarok is an impressive 94 overall rating. The negative reviews seem to mainly complain about the game's narrative-focus and cinematics, though some cite technical issues. Bizarrely enough, some of the 0/10 scores actually praise the game, so it's unclear exactly what's going on.

Multiple negative reviews bring up how God of War Ragnarok is a potential GOTY contender, which could shed some light as to why some users have decided to start posting 0/10 reviews for the game. God of War Ragnarok is up for the coveted Game of the Year award at The Game Awards this year, and it seems some of these individuals would rather see Elden Ring win the prize over Ragnarok.

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I honestly agree with the third 0 review in the screenshot.
Also, until they start calling 10/10 user reviews "review padding", I refuse to call 0/10 reviews "review bombing".

EDIT: Got a conspiracy theory: Game developers create smurf accounts and bomb their own games with stupid 0/10 reviews so user scores lose credibility. Then, the "mainstream" shill reviewers will be the sole arbiters of review scores.

EDIT2: Fixed a mistyping (third 0 review, not 3 zero reviews)
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Metacritic should just remove the User reviews altogether.
For games on MC, I agree.

For other things like movies or Amazon reviews of random item X, keep user ratings.

It's not even about review padding (as one guy said above) or review bombing. User scores dont make sense since they can do it right away when it's obvious they havent played the game or barely got through it. Yet MC allows it. At least for Amazon or Steam reviews you can see if it's a verified purchase or not.
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I think it's sad they put so much faith into a "Game of the Year" award to go out of their way to do this.

I think we can all see what's good out there and put our wallets behind it in true support, all good games deserve to thrive and succeed.


So OG GoW fans are mad that God of Gen Z has cut scenes, and they're review bombing their own favorite series? I wonder how that will play out.
I, for one, will not stand for this malfeasance. First ,they come for our beloved franchises, next is our cattle, then what, our women and children? No. We will not succumb to eevil. We will stand, mightiliy, brothers in arms, tall…strong. We will smite down this pestilence and meager filth from our villages and homes…our lives! Come. COME and FIGHT my kinsman!!! Lest ye thy know your faith. And together we will prevail. And then we shall spill mead together!!! HOOOBOORAROOM!!!!!


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I only trust reviews from nobodies on internet. Especially when it’s either a 10 or a 0
Its also very important that when you check their profiles, they have more reviews that are all either 10s or 0s. Now you know that he is a veteran.
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Wasn't there some type of measure put in place a while back to denote review bombs by pointing out the review trends for particular time periods? I know something did that but I can't remember what. I think Steam does something like that, perhaps Meta and Opencritic should implement a similar feature.
It's good, but I could see it having a big fat zero from a user and not a critic.

I mean, using the product feels like work in this case. I dont care about norse stuff, the combat is dull this time even on hard, and I have no fun watching a father son drama play out in front of snarky marvel side characters.

Critically, it is a video game and I can imagine someone liking it.


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Critics' score is higher than user score = C'mon gamers, can't trust users. Critics are the ones that count

Users' score is higher than critic score = C'mon gamers, can't trust critics. Users are the ones that count
I never see this being said lol


Another reason why review scores shouldn't be praised as hard as they are. Community reviews are great on paper, but unless there's way to keep stuff like this from happening, it's always going to happen, which is really stupid. Especially when the product itself is in functioning order. No game should be rated "0" by anyone unless it's something they genuinely aren't interested in at all, which at that case do a favor for its fans and developers and just don't play it, lmao.
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If a game gets padded with 10s or bombed with 0s from users who cares. When it comes to games, I dont trust user scores. I'll trust detailed text and analysis from those willing to write content showing they played the game, but scores are so hyperbolic, it's not worth trusting.

On the other hand, if Amazon has 1000s of verified feedback ratings for a power drill, or Steam has tons of verified game reviews (which even includes time played tracker), I'll trust that over video game nerds doing random MC scores. Even dumber is any game getting shit loads of user scores on day one when they've barely even played the game (some havent even played it but just trolling the score)
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