KOF XV Official Reveal !!





Kof XII and KoF XIII art style with cell-shading/sprites was better than KoF XIV which was too empty and drab.

Mai Shiranui will probably be covered up in western release though, most likely to happen on Playstation console versions.


Hoping to see sprites but I'm it's highly unlikely. Give me Mature, Vice and Yamazaki or at least one of these three and I'm in!


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KOF XV was a 'interesting 2nd announcement' even though you see shots of K' and Leona also. Hoping for spirites, considering that KOF XIV was alright....in some parts! With the way things went with SNK with 'the joke tweet' and 'the booty slapping' this year with 'the Twitterati' having their way with them, let's hope that KOF XV is a good one but we will have to wait and see come January!


I can’t wait . I fucking love KOF .
Didn’t like 14 much and 3 is a gods gift to the gamers . But still can’t wait


Yes I’m hyped, feels like KoF XIV released a decade ago even though its only been about four years. It’s probably a good thing altough I do miss the days when a new KoF release arrived every year.

I’m mostly stoked to see how it looks since I think they won’t use their engine from XIV since Samsho was UE4.
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