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Microsoft have not started putting ABK games on Game Pass. Why? (Up: See post #3)

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It has been 105 days or nearly 4 months since Microsoft closed the ABK acquisition. They have still not put a single Activision-Blizzard-King game on Game Pass.

Phil Spencer's explanation, regarding why they have not put ABK games on Game Pass, is this:


This is in stark contrast to how they dealt with Zenimax Bethesda games on Game Pass after the acquisition. Here is how that timeline looked:

Why isn't Xbox putting ABK games on Game Pass?
  • Is there really a big technical hurdle? (I can't think of any)
  • Are they strapped for cash and trying to squeeze as much money as possible before fulfilling their promise?
  • Are they really waiting for XBOX x ABK integration, as they claimed? (I think that's bullshit)
I don't think Phil's explanation was the truth.

He says they couldn't start the work before October 13, 2023. But they were able to fire 1,000+ ABK employees and cancel their games? Did they start the downsizing plan even before the acquisition?

If that's the truth, did they prioritize the downsizing plan over working on putting ABK games on Game Pass? That doesn't seem likely either.

It seems like they are deliberately holding back ABK games.

When do you think ABK games will come to Game Pass? More importantly, what do you think is the reason they haven't added them already?


i thought microsoft had unlimited funds , really strange that so many people are getting fired
they need financial restructuring ,
also people at the top are getting paid a lot and they are not delivering


It certainly doesn't take over 3 months of work to put games onto gamepass. The titles are not being put on for some reason but what reason that is I have no idea. 3 days after closing Zenimax games on gamepass. 105 days after closing Acti and still MIA on gamepass.
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The subscription service might be in need of some "restructuring" as well.
Is it possible they are restructuring the service, and that's what the holdup is about?

Perhaps creating another more expensive tier to put ABK games on?
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