New Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass


Honestly I'm not even mad I bought The Forgotten City just after release, it's honestly one of the best games from a story telling standpoint I've ever played. I implore everyone to try it and go for the 'canon' ending, you won't be disappointed.


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DragonBall Fighterz on the cloud. This screams noob farming. The online is already pretty bad for this game. I can't imagine what it's gonna feel like on Xcloud.

Outriders on PC is interesting. Never finished the game on XSX. simply wanted M&Kb to play it.

Everspace 2 looks really good honestly. I had no idea there were puzzles in a Spacefighter game.



Age of Empires IV is upon us, hide the wife, hide the kids, close the curtains, prepare to return to a time when RTS was king, and PC was where kings resided.
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