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Pokémon Legends Arceus | Review Thread


I watched you play some on twitch, good shit dude, i don't have an account though so couldn't chat. Game looks really good. Do you get unlimited pokeballs?

Only visual changes no core gameplay changes as i want to play the game as it was intended. However stock the game looks like a potato so with mods it lifts it up to solid visually looking. The changes are basically draw distance / render distance / max lod / filtering for textures / ai upscaled textures / skybox revamp and performance 60 fps.

Still working the problems out with 60 fps mod however, can't get the the balloon minigames to work well with it, but simple disable it for 2-3 mini games and u can do them fine so not much of a issue. Also battles are still 2x speed but nothing problematic speeds shit up and is actually more confortable to play this way.

But yea like it a lot so far, trying to get all pokemons in every area before continouing as my first run i rushed it way to hard. So this is a chill collect everything run, its great.
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Does this one have turn based battles, like the originals?
Yeah you throw the Pokemon in real time and the fight start without a transition or loading, it's perfect like that. Sadly the missed the opportunity to have the main character scream " I choose you, ____!!"


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Pokémon Legends Arceus is finally here, bringing an open-world adventure to the Pokémon series. Does it deliver on the hype and expectations to be one of the greatest Pokémon titles ever? Find out in our in-depth review!

0:00 Intro
0:43 Opening & Story
2:59 Side-Quests
3:30 Narrative Progression
4:24 Open World Gameplay
5:15 Rideable Noble Pokémon
5:51 The Pokédex
6:56 Wild Pokémon Encounters
8:03 Satisfying Mechanics
8:29 Alpha Pokémon
8:47 Pokémon Battles
9:59 Move Pools
10:52 Boss Battles With Noble Pokémon
11:51 Newcomer Friendly?
12:11 Music & Audio
12:44 Graphics
13:48 Customization & References
14:24 New Pokémon & Hisuian Forms
15:01 Chilling With Your Pokémon
16:30 (Spoiler Skip) Does it Live Up to the Hype & Expectations?
17:39 Verdict & Conclusion
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