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PS5 UI and services any improvements suggestion ?


All I want is folders.


Why the hell is that so difficult for Sony to understand?

OH! And if I do a rebuild database, DO NOT kick all the games out of the freaking folders like they did on PS4. WTF was that all about anyway?!?

I honestly don't give a rat's ass about anything else.


I'm just baffled why I can't sort my trophy list. We could on PS3, then they just took it away on PS4 and PS5.
It’s not like they went out of their way to purposely remove it, that would be needless effort and expense. They had to code a whole new OS and obviously didn’t think it was a priority to include it.

Most gamers don’t give a shit about trophies, let alone sorting them.


One of the green rats
The store needs to be organized better but other than that it’s an okay yet still lesser than xmb gui.


I know it is an unpopular one, but for me, I just want the activity feed back.
A hundred times THIS !! Sony put so much focus on adding all these fancy 'party features' you'd think they actually CARE about the whole social aspect... but at the same time they removed and continue to ignore one of my favorite features from PS4... throwing us back into feeling isolated from our PS5 friends... not knowing anymore what theyre up to instantly unless we navigate through multiple tedious UI paths.. :-|


Just got a Ps5 recently.
Is there a faster way to put the console to sleep than pressing the Ps button then having to click all the way to right and then having to select "put in sleep mode"?

I know it's a dumb nitpick but I think putting the console to sleep is something that should always be like 2 button presses away

Ge Os

I want cool static/dynamic themes back.
The PS4 felt much more my "own" when I put some of my favorite themes on it.


Wow, you’re smart.
And I’m sarcastic.
Judge Judy Reaction GIF by Agent M Loves Gifs

Another one….


The newest sub-menu when you enter a card and get presented with a single left adjusted column of choices, should be the top level menu style instead of massive cards horizontally, and farting little icons on the bottom menu, half of which I don't want to see, whilst so much other stuff is orphaned into different cards or only available in main settings cog icon, which isn't on the control center menu at all.

Essentially, ps5 menu UI sucks, and they should have stuck with the ps4 quick menu, with more customization


I've now had a Ps5 for several months and I still can't get used to the fact that holding down the PS button doesn't bring up the option to turn off the console. Really wish there was a simple toggle to reverse the function of holding vs pressing the button.


Ability to pin certain friends so they stay at the top of the list. I think PS4 had it later (and it was denoted by a star if I recall).
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