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Rate this duel scene from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Easily top 3 across all 8 films.

Everything before is just glimpses you get from mundane day to day school, work, and play.

Then we get this. The villain so scary that no one says his name versus the one guy that villain is scared of, and they pull off stuff we never see before or after. We get an idea of just how good these two really are when they let loose.

The films mishandled some things and left out even more as the series went on, like making every bad guy a flier instead of just Voldemort or some of the rooms in the Ministry that were in the books, but this scene (and the one before, minus the flying) were brilliant.

Cutty Flam

Best thing about it is the wand whip sfx

But yeh, cool scene
I was impressed with all of it, loved the sound effect of Dumbledore's wand too. Best moment is tough to choose from this scene, but if I had to choose the creativity of Dumbledore using the water from his surroundings to trap and submerge Voldemort in an attempt to drown him was as good as it gets. Not to mention that Voldemort used fire beforehand, so making use of water afterwards made a lot of sense. The spell and attack itself was genius


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It was awesome. I liked how Voldemort uses all kinds of "dirty" tricks and Dumbledore has to protect both himself and Harry. You really get a sense of Voldemort's power [probably for the first time for real], he looks like he's barely tring.

visually very striking as well.
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I personally like the bit after where Voldemort turns into dust and flies up Harry's butthole, then you get what looks like a 90s music video as Voldemort invades his brain
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