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Redfall - The Telekinetic Threat | Layla Hero Trailer Released


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Meet the Heroes of Redfall: Layla Ellison. A biomedical engineering student who interned at an Aevum research facility, where something went very wrong, leaving her with intense telekinetic abilities. Her abilities give you all around versatility – Umbrella is perfectly suited for offense or defense. Use Lift to reach rooftops or launch enemies into the air. Then summon Jason to deal devastating damage to nearby enemies. Redfall arrives exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC on May 2, 2023. Pre-order now or play with Game Pass for exclusive content - visit Redfall.com to check it out.


Not my bag at all but at least it finally doesn't look have terrible IQ... is there anywhere that says this is running on a console though? From the looks of it I'm guessing thats a super high end PC running it there. If XSX has that image quality + fluidity I'd be very impressed.
Ideally, they should've started marketing with this trailer.

Looking great.

It has come a long way from original gameplay showing.

Will be interesting to experiment with the abilities, especially in coop.


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I think the shooting still looks a little flat. Hopefully it feels good when you are playing it. Apart from that, looking good to me.

Roll on 2nd of May.
Looking forward to playing this co-op at some point come Cinco De Mayo weekend. There's gonna be so much happening that weekend, but I'll find the time.
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