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[Rumor] 4060TI coming in May for $450


Worst card that has ever launched probably. With 8GB is almost a non-gaming card in 2023, kinda like the 2GB 1030 series before it, and it's the most expensive 60 tier card at the same time.

Still holding on my 1060 in the meantime. Good times being a PC gamer.
It all depends what are ur goals/expectations, recently i helped a buddy to chose upgrade to his current pc rig-wallmart bought prebuild, including1060 3gigs, back in 2017.

For such a person and obviously strickly 1080p gaming, i went with under 1,1k usd build, 5800x3d and 12gigs 6700xt- again hard budget restrictions but can be done and for him it will be massive jump +167% of prerformance, 12gigs of vram will last him for a while, as u can see from his previous pc- he tends to upgrade only after few solid years- same way with cpu, longevity and quality of gaming at the same time at relatively midrange budget was key.
Of course some people have lower expectations, but even 6700XT will run all upcoming PS5 ports without problems thanks to RDNA2 architecture and 12GB of VRAM. In current games 6700XT destroys even RTX3070, and not because RTX3070 is slower, but because 6700XT isnt VRAM limited.

Nvidia has a real problem at the moment because not many gamers will want to pay $450 for the new GPU just to be VRAM limited from day one. Something like 4070 12GB is a little bit more expensive, but it's MUCH better proposition, because 12GB is still enough for modern and upcoming games.
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We as consumers could combat this, but its too many wild folks out here. If we just stop purchasing garbage at garbage prices, Nvidia, AMD and Intel will be forced to come correct. But if all you hear is "DLSS, mah traced rays at 1080p. AMD suxors drivers, Intel gotta mature" instead of holding these billion dollar companies accountable, you'll get 4060's for $500, lol. And AMD can follow suit with audacity releasing 7900 XT's for $900 Murica dollars.

Don't buy no shit won't be no shit! Or whatever Lil Jon said.

Dirk Benedict

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Bandwidth starved, VRAM starved.

Congrats on your $450 purchase that is set up to fail from the moment you receive it. But look on the bright side, at least you're helping Jensen's Jacket Evolve out.
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Less performance gains for more money. That’s today’s GPU market. 4060ti is good for a laugh.
The one good thing is these cards aren’t selling.
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Unacceptable. I'm glad I gave up waiting for it and bought a PS5. I'll keep my old 2060 for lightweight gaming and play the nextgen stuff on my PS5.
Maybe in one or two years we have something that resembles a deal.
You can get a good deal at the low to mid range. You just need to go with AMD. You can pick up a 12GB 6700XT for as low as $349, or a 16GB 6800 for around $469.

Dirk Benedict

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I'd let the 4050 off being 8, but yea definitely not a bloody 4060 TI model
Nah, man. If Nvidia were genuine about gaming and advancing PC, they'd drop anything below 12GB. I don't think that is asking a lot, given how they fucked the 4xxx series with shit cards, except the 4090, imo. AMD getting more competitive in the low-mid range market by actually doing the fucking sensible thing and throwing more VRAM into the mix with some nice perf.
Still holding on my 1060 in the meantime. Good times being a PC gamer.



but why?

it's evident an 8 GB is not enough for a minimum card. some of the newer games do not run well at full HD with 8Gb. and 4060ti is supposed to be a 2k card. the 3060ti was fine for 2k gaming as well at 60 fps and above.

way to be a greedy man. They are just screwing the consumer so they are forced to update in a year or 2 when they realize their card is shit and can't run shit.

We need a proper player in the market. AMD is retarded. not a single mid-range card has been released so far. and when you hope they do something awesome to destroy Nvidia price to performance ratio, they come up with a retarded card combined with a retarded marketing.

window fuck this GIF


Vram wise its pretty straightforward, even if u compare nvidia products only, u know something fishy is going on if same 8gigs of vram u got in gtx 1070 and rtx 3070ti, while the latter offers +119% performance vs the former, according to https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/geforce-gtx-1070.c2840 so ofc its rough avg among big chunk of games tested.

So if we getting 4060/ti which will be somewhere around 3070ti performance wise and with only 8gigs and not 16, u know card gonna be fucked straight out of the gate, unless it is priced close to old 3060ti which currently starts from 410$, then i think customers would somehow bite it, otherwise, if its 450-500$ msrp and still 8gigs of vram only, definitely doa coz the ppl on tight budget definitely cant afford it, and ones who can afford it will want simply more vram.
well, 5000 series will be interesting. probably upsetting price-wise, but interesting.

recently went from a 980ti to 3090.
hopefully it'll give me the option of waiting till the 6000 series, if need be (maybe it'll be MCM).


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I bought the 4070, which really should be a 4060Ti going on previous generation of Nvidia GPUs.

I normally only go for xx60 GPUs for power/value but had no choice to go with a 4070 to get xx80 previous gen perf.


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I bought the 4070, which really should be a 4060Ti going on previous generation of Nvidia GPUs.

I normally only go for xx60 GPUs for power/value but had no choice to go with a 4070 to get xx80 previous gen perf.

Yeah, 4070 is the only reasonable part in whole Ada lineup so far.


They need to drop the 4070 to $499 at MOST.
$399 for 4060 Ti is a bit sad with 8 GB, needs to have 12 GB as well.

In a way it's good there is this stigma attached to 8 GB now, rightfully so, otherwise excellent cards are gimped by low VRAM (a relatively cheap component).
Need to push this message so Nvidia doesn't get a free pass this generation and fixes things with a (hopefully) refresh soon.
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