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S______L for PS5 to be revealed soon (The dedicated blueballs/Kojima 'conspiracy' thread)

Is this new Silent Hill real or fake?

  • Real

    Votes: 330 44.6%
  • Fake

    Votes: 410 55.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
I wish we could re-run the poll above now. And then ban everybody who changed from real to fake. And then ban the others too.
Team real forever!
Believe Jason Sudeikis GIF by Apple TV
With today's Unity announcement, how will this affect BlueBox Studios moving forward? Hasan has said they are using UE5 but I think the most recent delays were due to moving to Unity for thier superior pipeline. Now Hasan and BlueBox will need to roll back and restart on UE5 causing more delays.


suck my dick wwe GIF
Me twicw Me twicw , hassan, your response please?
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