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Sony Requires You To Login Weekly To Access PS Plus Extra Games (Downloaded games) (Gamebyte) (Sony Blogpost)


You got any Knack?

I think I have Knack 2 due to a store bug where it was free for a day or so in some region :pie_roffles: But I would have to look up which account I used there since it was I think in India or something and I had to make an indian account to get it... played it for like 10 min and that was about how long I was able to stomach it


Isn’t that an online only game?

that makes no difference, I can show you that too if you really want... I would be able to start Apex Legends for example, because someone else on the system (my main account), who has this Pro set to the home console, "owns" the game. as soon as a lock is displayed that means you have no license to play the game. that is universally true, no matter if it's an online game or offline.

if you try to play an online game you "own" while you are offline you will get an in-game massage telling you that the game only works if you are online and it will send you to your network settings

here Apex starting offline (2x speed because god damn last gen consoles are fucking slow as fuck)

I just looked on my PS5 btw, and there the warning for deactivating your home console even tells you that you will not be able to play your account's games offline anymore.
I think it says "Deactivate Game Sharing and Offline Play on this console" or something along those lines
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Might need to stop sniffing glue
While I don’t sub to the two higher tiers yet, I do go on vacation on a Cruise or somewhere without Internet for more than a week now and then. I guess I’ll worry about it if I need to at some point.


Report me if I continue to console war
Yeah because PS+ members think this is how their downloads are served

So stupid, I'm all for being pro-consumer but it's a digital service, cmon now.
Ironic film choice. It was prophetic.
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