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Starfield is in a state where it can be played from start to finish


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Nope, it's not. Also didn't experience a single bug in RDR2 and bought it day1.
It was not a bug that happened to everyone, like most bugs\glitch, but it was pretty diffused before the patch, in my ex forum half the people had this shit in their playthrough.

You can read the articles with the promise from rockstar to fix the bug so it wasn't my invention or a personal problem if that was what you were implying...

The point is, journalist gives 2 fucks about bugs in big games except rare occasions.
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You mean you had a huge bug.

I played through the game twice on One X then Series X and never came across that. Also first time hearing RDR2 is a “buggy” game.
No i personally didn't had that bug, but many friends had it.

You can literally read the articles online about the bug.

Never said that it was a buggy game, it was mostly ok at launch.

My point is that journalist didn't even talked about the bug and if you have multiple articles talking about the bug, sure as hell is not something that happen to 1 person in a milion...

Rdr2 was my goty with gow, i'm not hating on the game.
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"Sir, we have tackled all game-breaking bugs!"
"So, the game is bug free?"
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I got a chance to speak to Todd personally at an event and when I asked how realistic the starfield release window was he just smiled and said he's feeling pretty good about it. Wouldnt say any thing more than that.

He's very socially awkward when he's not on camera which was kind of weird to me, he always seems confident in interviews.


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Really the only thing that makes me interested in the game is that awesome 70s style graphic. Lol


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has this been confirmed? is MS really ditching XB1? i thought their whole ethos was 1 game playable on all systems like a PC Game..
Starfield was confirmed for PC and XSS|X only. All of the currently announced games only list XSS|X as the platform. Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite are the last announced first party games for Xbox One. Matt Booty said back in 2019 that they would support Xbox One for two more years. I don't know why people twist it to mean that they would support Xbox One forever.


i believe he said there’d be options.
that’s the way to go. 30fps mode with all the bells and whistles, 60fps mode as an option.
I'm not worried about 60fps in Bethesda games, they always target 60fps -on PC at least-

But I'm more concerned about that there are big people in the industry still arguing about 30fps vs 60fps!

60fps+ is the fidelity, the games LOOK better in 60fps.


I'm not worried about 60fps in Bethesda games, they always target 60fps -on PC at least-

But I'm more concerned about that there are big people in the industry still arguing about 30fps vs 60fps!

60fps+ is the fidelity, the games LOOK better in 60fps.

Nope. The games don’t look better in 60fps.

Forza Horizon 5’s quality mode is 30fps and looks better than the 60fps performance mode.
There’s a reason why Sony’s AAA third Person showcase games were mainly 30fps on the PS4. You’re rendering half the frames of 60fps


We heard the same about Cyberpunk before release. I dismiss any news like this until a game is released.
Well let's hope they clear out the bugs this time. Most releases have a ton of them from Bethesda, I usually wait a year after release to get it, usually they've ironed out everything and what they do miss the mod community picks up the slack.


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Just want to say thanks to TODD HOWARD for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer these questions
Bethesda games are known for being early access, so waiting a year after release is probably ideal unless you are that desperate to play it. I played Skyrim on release and then replayed it a few years later with mods and it really does make the experience a lot better. I may just try it for a little on release and then wait for those juicy mods.


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Its Bethesda. Just given previous entries I'm pretty sure a large portion of development needs to be given to bug squashing and polish.

We've all seen what they consider "playable" in their full release products.


If you were genuinely asking its because I’ve seen damn near every AAA game (and non-AAA game, but especially major game) get a significant delay for the past year. I don’t think putting a time table on a launch of a game a year and half out is realistic.

Pretty much every big game launch this year was delayed almost a full year

If they are hard pressed to launch on that day no matter what, then i don’t have much confidence it won’t launch like a lot of their other games.
The game has been delayed internally probably due to ce2 engine changes taking them longer than needed and also covid. However covid wasnt such a problem for the studio actually since they were one of the first who implemented wfh procedures and set up a good network prett early on.

So the release date we have now is the date with delay included.
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That's a clever way of saying nothing. If the game is incomplete, it's incomplete. Beginnings and endings are nebulous.


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I’m not trying to be a wet blanket, but I don’t understand how any Bethesda game is worthy of any hype or anticipation whatsoever.

Their games are buggy, over-reaching piles of shit. I could never genuinely enjoy any of their games because of the never-ending cavalcade of fucking bugs and glitches.

If any developer has earned a ‘no-hype allowed’ badge, it’s Bethesda.


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I’m sure it is in theory, just like all of their other games.

I bought Fallout 4 recently 6 years after release and had to use the console to fix broken or stuck quest progression multiple times within the first 10 hours, including in the main quest, and that’s on top of countless other bugs and issues. Did you know load times are tied to the frame rate in this game? What the fuck? Who even comes up with this shit?
How in the world did this happen?

I've played through Fallout 4 a half a dozen times, 100s of hours.. and I think a character got stuck once or twice and I had to use the console. A few crashes here or there, typically at a loading screen (after it's always already auto-saved) are all I've ever experienced.
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"[Starfield] is in a state where we can play the whole game, but there's so much to do, it's a very, very ambitious game, and we're not going to let off the gas there."
- Bethesda director Todd Howard

Full interview:

Super pumped to see this more but I bet a lot of fellow Gaffers have that same gut feeling.............................this game isn't coming out next year. Gonna call
this now and predict it gets delayed until Summer 2024. I've been looking so forward to this game. I DON'T WANT ANOTHER "Cyberpunk 2077" launch failure so
if they need more time, just delay it now and ease the pain. Don't wait until a month before launch and say it's being delayed.
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