The Xbox One Reveal - A Tragic Play in Three Parts


Has to be said I am surprised with how bad MS communication has been regarding DRM and what not.

I think Sony might have caught MS with their pants down in that April reveal forcing MS hand earlier than expected.

I still see MS clearing it all up at E3, but it's still sloppy MS.
The core leads the way. X360 won the early last gen because Sony made colossal errors and MS didn't - not counting RROD.


This last two weeks, people have been coming in here accusing NeoGAF of being some crazy pro-Sony board. This is total lunacy, or worse - viral marketing. If you've spent more than a year here, you will have memories thick with angry threads. When Sony is greedy, or stupid, we react - as individuals - but with the rough justice of a mob. We all roasted them for the Move, for the handling of the Vita, for the handling of the PS3 early on.

The reality is, brand loyalty runs deep - but not so deep that it can't change if something hotter and more socially acceptable comes along. Xbox is a brand obsessed with that mass acceptance, but the more you pressurise that attempt, the more you dress it up - the worse it is when you miss.
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