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First track you think of when you hear the title -Halo: Combat Evolved


Neighbours from Hell
Gonna be doing a new thread series, since I’m such a lover of video game music. This isn’t a contest or anything, it’s just for fun. I’ll post a game and you give me the first track you think of when you hear the title. Not necessarily your favorite, though it can be your favorite. I’ll do them every so often for a bunch of different games. Can also be a place where vg music lovers can discuss music for a bunch of individual games.

To start.. Halo: Combat Evolved.

Was talking halo with a friend today who just got a new Xbox and when Halo CE came up the first thing I always think of is that track. The ambient soothing melody,, the nostalgia. Such a great track. Just oozes everything Halo.


Doesnt need recognition

"I have kids that play it.."

"Do I have to play it?

Cringe Reaction GIF

To be honost I couldn't get beyond the first 10 seconds and now I did. Time for a beer or 2
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